Cut Rodriguez, Dorsey some slack

By Michael J. Happy
FOX Sports Detroit

It happened once and, two nights later, it happened again.

Frisked. Handcuffed. Sitting in the back of a squad car. On the way to jail.

I wasn’t a totally stupid kid. Rarely caused any trouble, either.

Still, it happened — twice in the span of three nights.

The first arrest was the result of a high-school prank, less than a week before graduation. Our senior class decided it was a good idea to steal one of those Big Boy restaurant statues, take it back to Harper Woods Notre Dame and hoist it onto the roof of the school.

The plot went haywire because the driver of the getaway truck was actually in the restaurant ordering take-out when we finally mustered the courage to charge the statue, knock it down and plant it in the back of his pick-up.

The cops arrived even before the driver got back to his truck, which stood out in the parking lot because of the over-sized fiberglass dude in checkered overalls hanging over the vehicle’s tailgate.

We all scattered back to our cars upon seeing St. Clair Shores’ finest arrive. Some of us were apprehended at the scene. Others were caught later because restaurant employees had gathered license-plate numbers.

Out on bail two nights later, we were cruising Gratiot Avenue and listening to J. Geils’ “Centerfold” on the radio when, at a red light, words were exchanged with teenagers in the car next to us.

A bottle got tossed. A police car was nearby. An officer saw the whole thing.

Back to jail.

Thankfully, each offense ended in just a court date and a fine. My record remains unblemished and I am — except on Saturdays during college football season — a productive citizen today.

The point is, teenagers — even kinda smart ones — do stupid things.

That’s why I think the uproar surrounding Michigan’s decision to accept the commitment of recruit Demar Dorsey is stupid.

Dorsey, one of the country