Could Matt Holliday have a career in the WWE?

ST. LOUIS — Mick Foley considers himself good friends with St. Louis Cardinals right fielder Carlos Beltran (the two first met when Beltran played for the New York Mets).

But the Cardinal the professional wrestler would pick to join him in the ring plays on the other side of the outfield.

“Holliday had some set of forearms on him,” Foley, who met with Holliday and other Cardinals during the team’s batting practice Saturday, said.

Yes, Foley believes Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday (6-foot-4, 250 pounds) could make it in the ring.

With a few seconds to think, Foley — who spent years wrestling with a sock named ‘Socko’ on his hand — had Holliday’s WWE career all planned out.

“With that good look, he looks like some of the current WWE superstars,” Foley said. “It might be worth looking at … He would fit right in. With an name like Holliday? You could nickname him Jolly, and you’re off to the races.”