Cordell Broadus: Snoop’s pup to 45 scary to WR recruit

DIAMOND Bar, Calif. — Diamond Bar head coach Ryan Maine can keep track of all of the hours logged on the team’s HUDL video system.

He checks it from time to time.

On one occasion, he stumbled upon his wide receiver Cordell Broadus’ name and found something out of the ordinary.

“It was like this kid an hour, this kid an hour, and then Cordell showed up like four hours in two days,” Maine recalled. “I called Cordell (and) I’m like ‘Are you doing homework or doing HUDL?’ He’s all ‘My dad watches it.'”

Broadus’ father is Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion.

Yes, Snoop breaks down film.

“During football season, he goes by the name of Coach Snoop,” Broadus said.

Snoop has always been passionate about the game of football and now, he’s seeing his middle child develop the obsession as well.

Broadus is a 2015 national recruit at wide receiver who on Thursday picked up an offer from Notre Dame, his coach announced, his 11th scholarship offer to date.

Broadus is a product of the Snoop Youth Football League. Other alums of the league include Denver Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman and Heisman Trophy candidate De’Anthony Thomas along with other Division I football players across the country.

It was there Snoop coined the nickname “Black Mamba” for Thomas.

Broadus, too, had a nickname.

“We used to call him 45 scary,” Snoop said. “That’s when he was real scary and he wouldn’t do nothing but run outside every play.”

Broadus didn’t fall in love with the game immediately.

Acting, even rapping were his interests.

Not football.

“He had no passion for it,” Snoop said.

Broadus eventually put in the work and got better. The day football became a passion of his was the proudest moment of his father’s life.

He’s not only proud of the football player his son is but the leader he’s becoming.

Snoop recalls trying to chase his son down following the team’s win over Montebello in the season opener and couldn’t find him. By the time he did, Broadus was talking to the opposing quarterback and comparing notes.

It showed dad that despite the spotlight being on him, his son didn’t feel like he was bigger than the game. It’s a trait Snoop’s children had the chance to see dad portray regularly growing up and watching him as an entertainment mogul.

“What I learned from him is to be hungry and humble and strive for greatness everyday and be a role model to my peers,” Broadus said.

Broadus’ interests extend beyond the football field. He’s done some modeling and over the summer, and while recovering from an injury, stepped into the booth with his dad and older brother to record the mixtape “The Broadus Boyz: Royal Fam” which was released last week.

If he truly wanted to, Broadus could try his hand in the family business.

In the booth, he reminds his father of a younger version of himself.

“First of all you got to be spooned and groomed, dipped and whipped, suited and booted, gooted and looted,” Snoop said. “And he has all of those attributes.”

Snoop said.

All of that?

“In a real way,” Snoop said.

Added Broadus: “I was just doing it for fun. I can see myself doing that if I really wanted to but I really do like football the most.

“It’s something that I want to do for myself and set my own goals with my standards and with my own name on it.”

So far, he is.