Colin Cowherd keeps Chargers at 4, Rams at 5 in Herd Hierarchy

“They’re not as discussed, they’re not the media darling, but I think the Chargers have better players than the Rams,” Colin Cowherd said Monday on The Herd.

Cowherd, who had the Los Angeles Rams in the top spot for several weeks admittedly “cooled on them about three weeks ago because their defense has cracks.”

As for their big Monday night match up against the Kansas City Chiefs that was moved from Mexico City to Los Angeles, Cowherd has the Chiefs taking that one.

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“I like the Rams a lot, but defensively you can take the ball away from them, run the ball, and eat the clock,” Cowherd said.

The Chargers, however, continue to look good to Cowherd with a spectacular season by quarterback Philip Rivers, who is the only player with multiple touchdown passes in every game this year, and their roster, “outside of field goals, doesn’t really have any a flaw.”

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The Chargers face off against the Denver Broncos on Sunday at 1:25p, with the Rams-Chiefs game on Monday night.