Cardinals Spring Training Notes: Day 5

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12:46 pm-CT
Former Boston Celtics great and NBA Hall-of-Famer John Havlicek is the first of many celebrities visiting Tony this spring.

10:00 am-CT
Lugo arrived this morning.  Brendan Ryan arrives at 10:00 am-CT with his hand wrapped (and new hair style), but says he could play today if need be.  Interview with the Cat coming soon.

9:15 am-CT
hill is here to win a spot in the rotation.  After 2 seasons battling
injuries, he is completely healthy.  He’s excited to work with Duncan
too.  When asked about talking to Carpenter about battling injuries and
persevering he said “honestly I’m not that big of a baseball fan so I
don’t know his issues, but I’d like to talk to him.” 

The 5th spot will be an interesting scenario since it seems, at least early on, that it will be a competition.

said when McGwire worked with Freese this January, he texted back to
Tony “Wow!  This guy is impressive.”  Freese is being COUNTED on to
take this job and run with it.

Tyler greene was absent from camp
Sunday.  He and his wife baptized their first child Braden on Sunday. 
It wasn’t a long drive, he and his wife live in Ft. Lauderdale.  Greene
is a front runner to be bench backup all over the field.


For the first time down here, rain is in the forecast.  It is not until later today, but the forecast is for clouds and then rain in the late afternoon/early evening.  Should not effect the workout.  Tomorrow will be the warmest day so far of camp with a predicted high of 82.  How is it there (I wonder out loud and kind of sarcastically)?

Matt Pagnozzi still is wearing his family’s name number of 19.   Of course he is the nephew of Tom Pagnozzi who played 12 years with the Cardinals.  Wearing 19 is interesting down here because it puts him in the middle of major leaguers Jason Larue and Joe Mather.

I relayed a story to Pags about his uncle, being very generous during a night out before the Super Bowl in Atlanta in 2000.  He said every day he hears a story like that.  Good to know the stories are always positive.  Pags has moved up the depth chart after a great season at Memphis.  If Yadi or Larue have health issues, we may see more of number 19.

Brendan Ryan is expected to show up today.  He has been rehabbing elsewhere, but his arrival will give the Cardinals every expected starter set and ready for a full spring training.

Colby Rasmus did toy around with his song to the plate last season.  A couple times, Brendan Ryan asked the stadium people to change it up, meaning Rasmus came to the plate to a salsa beat.  Not really Colby’s style.   This season he is thinking “Sweet Home Alabama”  as an ode to his home state. (Thats why in this behind the scenes video from our friends at you can see our ace videographer Joe Mazzola singing to the centerfielder at the end)