Cardinals Spring Training Notes: Day 4

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11:46 am-CT
…Again, the man spending the most time in the cage is Nick Stavinoha.   Stavinoha has been here longer than our crews, but since our arrival Thursday he has hit the cage for about 45 minutes of one-on-one work with McGwire each day.  Same with after the workout.  Stavinoha said his swing is not the same as McGwire’s and that he is really working on getting through the ball.  I joked with him “You are really making this guy coach”  and he laughed but then added, he’s really good!

Jason Larue spoke favorably of McGwire.  When asked if a superstar can coach, he said there is no doubt he’s already learning new things about hitting from his coach.

More McGwire…
McGwire and Pujols spent time in the cage, and then they both turned to another player and started giving out tips…Albert looked like coaching could be in his future also.

9:12 am-CT
LaRussa will make his welcome to spring training speech on Tuesday when
the full squad is here in place.   He did want to keep private what he
will say, he’s done this 31 times now.  But he did mention that he will
let the players who made their first appearance in playoff baseball to
remember what it took to get there, remember what it felt like to be
there, and most importantly, remember what it felt like to not win.

8:32 am-CT
Ryan Franklin said that players he wishes not to name on the Dodgers were also shocked they swept the Cardinals.  He thought, that with Carp and Waino, they really thought it was the Cards series to win.

Franklin knew last season he might be asked to close before he left camp.  Even though Chris Perez and Jason Motte were being groomed, he was ready for the role.  This year, the job is obviously his and he is hopeful for even more success.

6:36 am-CT
Holliday and Albert Pujols arrived at 7:36 am Eastern, walking in
together, a light hug and hello, all captured exclusively on cameras (see video).

Holliday was asked if
he eases into spring training, but he like most of the other position
players already here says “I’m here to get started and work”

also said his contract has no basis on how he should be looked at, or
how he will perform.  He said if he was making league minimum he would
be working as hard to be the best player he can be.

Pujols also is ready to get after it, he worked out his glove to get it in shape, and said, “I’m here, and ready to work.”

highly paid players aren’t just here to lift weight and stretch on
their first day, they are ready for the long haul of spring.