Cardinals Spring Training Notes: Day 2

Hayes and producer Brad Straubinger will keep you up-to-date on
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11:52 am-CT
David Freese is excited about the opportunity ahead of him, even while competing good friend Joe Mather, his locker room mate this spring.

10:48 am-CT

Motte has been Franklin’s shadow.  Those two have been inseparable so far this camp.

8:58 am-CT
Big Mac gets mic’d up for future FOX Sports Midwest feature (pictured below).

Picture 002.jpg

8:09 am-CT
believed last season’s team would win the World Series.  It was a true
shock to him that they did not.  Also said he could tell the team was
tight as they tried to clinch the pennant when the magic number sat at
one for days.

7:35 am-CT

Hawksworth and Mitchell Boggs are excited for a big 2010 but also hope
to have a broadcasting career after baseball.  Video of that coming