Bynum involved in lawsuit with ex-neighbors

Former Lakers center Andrew Bynum may be gone from LA, but he certainly isn’t forgotten – at least not by his former neighbors in the Westchester section of Los Angeles. 

He’s suing them, and they’re suing him, reports the gossip website He’s alleging racism and violence by Raymond and Cindy Beckett, who sold the home in September for a reported $879,000.

Bynum, who was traded by the Lakers to the Philadelphia 76ers before the start of the season, claims he was constantly harassed by the Becketts after moving into the home seven years ago. In his lawsuit, filed in LA Superior Court, he says they objected to his “race, his profession, his friends, his cars and his taste in music.”

According to TMZ, Bynum alleges the Becketts threw coins at his Ferrari, chipping the paint, and complained about his music. He said they even banged the side of his house with “a long stick.” 

The Becketts have filed a countersuit, claiming Bynum brandished firearms at the couple in an attempt to intimidate him, “apparently” used drugs and allowed the smoke from marijuana to drift next door, blasted his rap music and let his dogs run freely through the neighborhood. 

Bynum’s tenure in LA was hardly without incident, both on and off the court. In one of his parting shots, he was videotaped parking his car in a handicapped space so he could put grocery bags inside. 

So far, he has yet to play for the Sixers since undergoing a procedure on both knees in Germany in September.

The team has said he’s out indefinitely.