Burke reveals plan on NBA decision

Trey Burke dropped a bombshell in a national radio interview Wednesday morning.

Well, not a bombshell. Not even a water balloon. More like a damp paper towel.

The big revelation? If Michigan wins the national championship, Burke is planning to leave the University of Michigan to go to the NBA.

“It would definitely make my decision to leave much easier,” Burke said on the Dan Patrick Show. “That’s really today’s culture — if you get that far as a team, you are going to have those opportunities and you have to look into them.”

Burke, who seriously considered leaving U-M after last season, is now projected to be a lottery pick. He’s widely expected to go pro, but says he will discuss it with his family after Michigan finishes with the NCAA tournament.

“It’s a lot of pressure,” he said. “You have a lot of different advice from a lot of different people and you just have to pick the right advice.”

At this point, it would be a major surprise if Burke stayed, even if Michigan loses Friday to Kansas.

However, Wolverine fans shouldn’t lose all hope. A couple months ago, it was seen as a given that Taylor Lewan would head for the NFL, and he shocked everyone by coming back for his senior season.