Brewers fans appear willing to forgive suspended Braun

They are a forgiving lot, these Milwaukee Brewers fans. Even when it comes to Ryan Braun.

Shortly before the Cardinals’ game Wednesday afternoon in Milwaukee, FOX Sports Midwest reporter Jim Hayes scoured the parking lots and sidewalks around Miller Park to ask Brewers fans what they thought about their disgraced left fielder.

Braun, of course, recently accepted a 65-game suspension from Major League Baseball for using performance-enhancing drugs. After previous PED allegations prompted a defiant, throw-the-urine-guy-under-the-bus denial, Braun this time took his lumps with nary an appeal, a pretty good indication MLB has the goods on him. Then again, he has yet to issue a long-rumored public apology, so who knows what he’s thinking?

Brewers fans, for the most part, are thinking more about forgiving and forgetting than chastising and criticizing. Witness some of their comments to Hayes in the pregame show on FOX Sports Midwest:

“It’s not the worst thing in the world to do.”

“Sure,” said many, when asked if they would welcome Braun back after the suspension.

Not all fans were as supportive of Braun. Some called his actions “disappointing,” and one said, “I think they should all just man up and take their medicine.”

Another fan, whose initial disgust was expressed in words that had to be deleted from the telecast, said he was willing to forgive Braun, though he admitted he was hurt by Braun’s deception.

“You know what?” Hayes said. “You’re a big teddy bear. Come on, bring it in.” He then hugged the Brewers fan.

“That’s the last time I’ll ever hug a Brewers fan,” Hayes said, walking away.

The most disappointing discovery in the wake of Hayes’ reporting? The notion that Brewers fans know how to tailgate. The main course at one pregame parking lot gathering: Subway.

C’mon, people!