Blurred lines: Rams’ rookies finish camp with dizzy bat races

ST. LOUIS — Coach Jeff Fisher called it a reward for Rams’ rookies completing the official portion of training camp.

The rookies probably call it something else. But those who have seen it before call it “the dizzy bat relay race” and it proved as silly as its name.

How it worked: Fisher had the rookies split into teams and lined them up on a goal line. One at a time, with football in hand, they would run 25 yards, put the ball down and run 25 more yards. Then the fun began. With their face planted on one end of a baseball bat and the other end of the bat on the ground, each player spun around the bat many, many times. As a further challenge, as he spun, he was bombarded by the veterans with ice and water. Sufficiently spun, the participants had to run back to where they started, stopping to pick up the football on the way.

Those who made it without face planting on the return should have been declared a winner. Not many did. Running back Zac Stacy fell more than once.  Barrett Jones, the offensive lineman out of Alabama, looked like he was about ready to lose his lunch when he finished. Receiver Stedman Bailey appeared more than a little wobbly.

But Benny Cunningham topped them all, sort of. He was singled out by Fisher as having the worst balance “I’ve ever seen” in all of his years of dizzy bat races.

“It’s interesting that with a football in his hand, under normal circumstances, he’s got great balance,” Fisher said.

Quarterback Sam Bradford, heading into his fourth season, offered a veteran’s perspective.

“I think (the rookies) have it pretty good in camp,” he said. “That’s about the only hazing that they get so I think they get off pretty light. But it is fun to watch them out there stumbling around.”

The Rams captured the Zac Stacy attempt on Instagram in all of its dizzy glory.

Alec Ogletree takes his turn.