Anti-streaker practice pays off in Cleveland

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was on the field early Thursday night in Cleveland, getting ready for a preseason game, and couldn’t understand why stadium security was practicing chasing down a streaker.

“This one guy would run around like a streaker and they’d chase it down,” Stafford said during a postgame news conference. “I was like, ‘When is this ever going to happen? And then it happened and I’m eating my own words.”

The streaking incident took place late in the third quarter of Cleveland’s 24-6 victory over Detroit at FirstEnergy Stadium.

A man ran onto the field and as he was removing his underwear, Lions running back Joique Bell came over and knocked him to the ground. Not once but twice.

“My first instinct was get him off the field,” Bell told reporters afterward. “I thought if he saw me running he would run away, but he didn’t. I pushed him down hoping security would come out there and do their job, but he happened to get all the way across the field.

“He had on his drawers, and then right when I started running at him he pulled them down and I pushed him down. It was crazy.

“I didn’t really tackle him. I just got a couple knockdowns to get me some more points in the special-teams room. I put my all into it, I hustled over, got my head down and made a good block.”

Bell said he intentionally “aimed high” for obvious reasons, adding that if he had “used the wrap-and-roll technique, I probably wouldn’t have been the one going to jail.”

Security guards finally chased down the streaker, tackled him in the end zone and he was arrested.

“They executed well, I guess,” Stafford said.