10 things to know: Angels catcher Hank Conger

The Angels have always been a part of Hank Conger.

Growing up, he attended plenty of Angles games on his way to becoming the first-round draft pick of the club in 2006 out of nearby Huntington Beach High School. Last season, Conger played in a career high 92 games and hit seven home runs, 13 doubles, and drove in 21 runs in 2013.

Here’s 10 things you many not know about him:

DJ Panda Crusher

Conger may have shut down any dialogue regarding the best nickname in the Angels clubhouse with his selfie.

"It’€™s actually self proclaimed," Conger said. "I was DJing a little bit at my house and I decided just to give myself a name. I think ‘Panda Crusher’ sounds tight."

Favorite sport

Growing up Conger was in love with the game of basketball. He says it was his dad’s passion.

"Baseball was actually a secondary sport," he said. "(My dad) told me to play just to keep in shape. After a while I, kind of, soon realized I liked baseball over basketball."


Conger likes to golf and loves to travel as well. During the offseason he took a trip to Iceland with former teammate Mark Trumbo. Of course, with a nickname like "DJ Panda Crusher," spinning records takes up a chunk of his time, also.

"(I) try to DJ a little bit and I like twerking," Conger said.

Late-night snack

The Angels catcher admits to having a sweet tooth but when it’s late he’s normally going for egg rolls or beef jerky.

Favorite meal

Conger is a huge fan his mom’s Korean short ribs.

Who would play you in a movie?

"Jackie Chan or a little bit more yoked Jet Li," he said.

Biggest fear

"Other than like Godzilla, probably any type of reptiles or snakes," Conger said. "I don’€™t like bugs or insects or snakes."

Pregame ritual

On gameday, Conger likes to get loose by putting IcyHot over his body. He’ll then watch "dig me video" of St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina.

No. 16

The No. 16 and former Angels outfielder Garret Anderson are synonymous to most fans. Conger admits he’s gotten some "flack" for wearing the number. However, Conger is fond of the number not just because of Anderson but because it’s the one he started wearing in Little League.

"I looked up to him when I was younger, obviously, coming and watching Angels games," Conger said. "It’s just one of those numbers that I had growing up."

Celebrity crush

"Ashley Greene, Michelle Wie or any of the girls from Girls’ Generation, the K-pop band."