Andy Enfield: USC basketball is ‘living in the moment,’ discusses LeBron James Jr.

“The future is bright for USC basketball and we are really excited about the future, but we have really good players on our roster right now.”

Yup, you read that right. USC BASKETBALL is really excited about the present and future.

Head coach Andy Enfield joined Kristine Leahy Friday on Fair Game to discuss the state of the program after closing the top ranked recruiting class in the nation for 2019 earlier in the month and, rightfully so, he was beaming with joy.

“We are so thankful to the players who said yes to us and our staff,” Enfield said about both his future players and the ones currently on his squad.

This will be Enfield’s sixth-straight top-30 class after taking over the reigns at USC in 2013.

However, the upcoming 2019 players weren’t the only up-and-coming ballers “the shot doctor” touched on with Leahy. LeBron James Jr. is still in elementary school, but is already turning heads with his unique– and dominate– play style on both sides of the court. With LeBron Sr. recently bringing “Bronny” out west, Leahy asked the Trojan teacher if he is ready to start scouting the 14-year-old.

“All good players are on our radar,” Enfield joked. He clarified that due to NCAA rules, schools are not allowed to begin recruiting players until they are sophomores in high school– still three years from now in LBJJ’s case. That said, when the time comes and he is eligible to make a visit, Enfield assured it would be “a good bet” that he would get a tour of the Galen Center.

While the state of the ‘SC program is the primary focus for Enfield, he also touched on the overall responsibilities a collegiate head coach needs to hold himself to.

“Most of my days are not XOs… you’re getting pulled in so many different directions,” he admitted. “As a CEO, you’re not going to know everything, but you really rely on other people.”

Leahy pushed Enfield on his stance when it comes to head coaches around the nation claiming negligence to not knowing about the infractions going on inside their own program– something Enfield’s team dealt with itself when assistant coach Tony Bland was arrested as part of the FBI’s college basketball bribery and corruption probe last season.

“I don’t know everything that goes on and as much as you try… things can be hidden,” Enfield rebutted.

While the future is bright for the Trojans with a bevy of talented incoming players, the current USC team is made up of no slouches either– and that will be put to the test immediately. USC (5-2) will face its biggest test of the season Saturday as No. 5 Nevada (7-0) heads to the Galen Center for a 1:30p tip.