10 things: Redondo setter Norene Iosia

Redondo setter Norene Iosia entered the 2014 season with huge expectations after being named one of the top sophomores in the country at the end of last season. The expectations for her team might have been even greater.

Neither have disappointed, as the Seahawks — the No. 1 seed in the CIF-Southern Section Division I-AA playoffs, arguably the toughest division in the country — continues its quest for a championship with a second-round matchup against Tesoro on Thursday.

The 2016 setter recently committed to the University of Hawaii. In the meantime, here’s 10 things you might not know about her:


Most of her teammates call her Nor-Nor, but to family it’s usually Reeny.


Iosia began playing volleyball at the age of six and her hobbies include volleyball, volleyball and more volleyball.

"I don’t really do anything else," she said. "(It’s) really all-volleyball."

Redondo’s Norene Iosia: A true coach on the floor


Late night snack

If it’s late and Iosia is searching for a snack, she’s heading to the freezer for some Rocky Road ice cream.

Favorite meal

For that, Iosia has to go with chicken alfredo, Caesar salad and water.

Favorite team

Iosia has always been a fan of the Lakers. That has not wavered.

"Even through the down times," she said.

Favorite movie

"The Blindside."  

"I like the story behind it," Iosia said. "It’s so cute." 

If there was a movie made about your life, who would play you?

Iosia would tab her 12-year-old sister Nalani. She says little sis imitates her "really well." And although she’s not an actress, "she can."  

Norene Iosia: "I always played (with older players) so I see things easier than others because I been around the game much longer."

No. 2

The Redondo setter has always wore No. 1, but when she got to Redondo and made the team as a freshman, that number was already worn by senior Sklyar Dykstra. Iosia had to select a new number.

"I just picked (No. 2) because it was the closest to No. 1," she said.

Biggest fear

Death and the dark are the two things that scare Iosia the most.

"When I’m home alone and it’s dark outside I leave all the lights on and lock all the doors," she said.

Pregame ritual

Before matches Iosia likes listening to music, dancing and participating in everyone’s favorite: Shabooya Roll Call.