Skip Bayless talks Drew Brees’ NFL record: He’s easily the most consistently accurate QB ever

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Skip Bayless talks Drew Brees breaking the NFL passing yards record and attributes his success to three things.

SKIP BAYLESS: So to me, stepping back from this passing yards record, I would say it's a tribute to durability and accuracy and philosophy. Those are the three things that went into this record in and of itself, because on durability, I'm going remind everybody Drew Brees and 13 seasons in New Orleans has missed two games, but only one of those was for injury. One was because they had already locked it up in 2009.

So think about that that's some longevity of durability. That's impressive. Now that also contributes to philosophy because Sean Payton, who's the greatest business partner Drew Brees could have ever wished for, prayed for, they protect Drew Brees like crazy. Last night, he was protected like crazy. He has time to throw the football.

So we get to accuracy, he is easily the most consistently accurate thrower of the football I have ever seen. I don't know about you, but I've never seen anything like it. And the numbers scream to it because he is the all-time percentage completion leader at 67.2%. This year, he's 78%. And last night, he was right on time, 26 of 29 last night for 363. That's hard to keep doing over and over. He's hitting people so catchable right there every time.