Skip Bayless believes Green Bay is not Green Bay ‘because Aaron Rodgers is no longer Aaron Rodgers’

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Skip Bayless talks about Green Bay Packers' loss to Detroit Lions. He thinks that Aaron Rodgers set a terrible tone for the game to turn into a disaster. Do you agree with Skip?

- How much of this is--

- Thank you, Jenny, for allowing me to go first--

- You're welcome.

- --on this one. The main reason the Green Bay Packers are now 2, 2, and 1 is that Aaron Rodgers is not playing like the best player on the planet, according to you. And I think you're somewhere in that ballpark also. But I have to hear this day after day.

He's the greatest quarterback in football-- not Tom Brady, but Aaron Rodgers. And he is not playing that way right now. Through five games, Aaron Rodgers QBR-- you know I love me some QBR-- is only 53 through the five games.

And that's on a scale of 0 to 100, so it's just slightly above average. And it's below the QBRs of Blake Bortles, Joe Flacco, and Eli Manning. Is that good, Shannon?

That's not very good. And by Aaron Rodgers standards, I'm going to go so far as to say that's just sorry given that you think he's the best quarterback in the game. So yesterday, Aaron Rodgers was careless with the football twice in the first half.

He got strip sacked twice. He gave Detroit the ball at his 23 and his 29 yard line. That resulted in 10 points that contributed heavily to the halftime deficit of 24 to nothing, which is the worst halftime deficit of Aaron Rodgers' career.

Now, he also readily admitted, as we just heard, that he missed Davante on a wide open crossing route early in the game in the first series of the game that-- that probably would have gone for a-- a touchdown. And he did-- it wasn't that he missed him with the throw. He just-- I don't know why.

He saw him and just decided not to go there and he second guessed himself after the game. So the best quarterback in football set a terrible tone, especially in the first half of a game that turned into a disaster. And it was a division road game that came a few days after he had thrown his coach under the bus for his play calling the previous week.

And obviously, I'll be the first to admit that the same Mason Crossbar who kicked my Cowboys out of the playoffs two years ago with two hand of God field goals from 51 and 56 yards at the end of that game inexplicably went south yesterday and missed four of five field goals and also missed an extra point. And I'll be the first to admit that Green Bay's punt return team botched a punt return that gave Detroit the ball at the one yard line and just a walk-in touchdown.

So that contributed. But in the end, Green Bay is not Green Bay because Aaron Rodgers is no longer Aaron Rodgers. Just--