Shannon Sharpe gives Dak Prescott the majority of blame for the Cowboys’ loss against Texans

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Shannon Sharpe talks NFL on today's show. He explains why Dak Prescott deserves the majority of blame for Dallas Cowboys Week 5 loss.

- The fact of the matter is as simple is this. They're not getting exotic in coverages. They're saying we're coming down and we're stopping Ezekiel Elliott from running the football. So Dak Prescott, you're going to be throwing against single high safety, do with it as you may. He's not getting the job done.

Now look, Jason Garrett does not help the situation. I don't think he's a very good head coach. But he's not the head coach, that's Jerry's responsibility. I believe if you wanted Dak to succeed, you would have set him up for better success. Yes, you gave him an outstanding running game. Yes, they can run block and maul people.

But for Dak, he needs weapons. All the young quarterback has those. the Wentzs, the Goffs, the Patrick Mahomes.

SKIP BAYLESS: Interesting.

- But in March, there was a guy that said, I don't need another one. The Patriots have won a lot of Super Bowls without a true number one receiver. So he's telling me he's more than capable, regardless of what you give me, he can get the job done. At some point in time, Skip Bayless, you're going to have to come to the realization. You're going to have to have an epiphany. You're going to have to have a deep talk with yourself.


- When you're alone. I know you won't have this talk on national television, but when you're alone, you're going to say Cowboys are not going to make the playoffs.


- And I have no one to blame but by owner and my quarterback.


- Because that defense is, oooh, they were playing last night, they were flying around. Gave the Cowboys every opportunity. But what did your quarterback start doing? He was throwing balls to Tavon Austin like he was Mike Evans. Tavon Austin is 5' 8 1/2", and he's throwing it to him like he's 6' 4 and 1/2". And then he threw one out there to Deonte Thompson. I wonder why we would ever throw a pass to him. But that's neither here nor there.

So the blame, I'm going to five, you know what? When the credit, you know, Zeke had a career day and all he talked about was Dak. So he gave Dak the majority of the credit. I'm going to give Dak 65% of the blame for last night's loss. I'm going to give the other 35% to Jason Garrett. We'll talk about him later.