Skip Bayless recaps Baker Mayfield’s Week 5 win over the Baltimore Ravens

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Skip Bayless discusses Cleveland Browns rookie QB Baker Mayfield's performance in their Week 5 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

SKIP BAYLESS: Would you believe that yesterday, against the Baltimore Ravens secondary, Baker Mayfield completed 8 of 14 passes on third down, 8 of 14? And he converted the one we just saw, that was third and 16 with a 21-yarder. And he converted a third and 10 with a 26-yarder, and a third and 2 with a 17-yarder.

And finally, if we could see the play of the game, the one that won the game, on third and 8, after he had lost his favorite target, Rashard Higgins, to a knee injury, he completed one to some kid, Derrick Willies, undrafted out of Texas Tech, a rookie, Derrick Willies, he completes one to him for 39 yards to basically set up the winning field goal to win the football game.

And you want to talk about degree of difficulty? Check this out. Only one time did Baker Mayfield start inside Baltimore's territory. That was after a fumble that his Cleveland defense forced. But if you take that one away, his starting field position on 15 other possessions was the 17 yard line.

So Baker Mayfield started-- these are some of his possessions. He started his on 9, 5, 3, 10, 14, 14, and 16. That's on 15 drives, seven of them started inside the 20-yard line. That's when rookie quarterbacks come all apart. And Baker Mayfield hung right in there. He had no more turnovers the rest of the game after the early, not-on-the-same-page interception. And I sat back and said, they just beat the Baltimore Ravens?

So I'm going to say it one more time-- if Baker Mayfield had started from the start this year, if Hue Jackson had started in game 1, this team would be 5 and 0. That would be if the refs and the replay officials didn't steal the game from them in Oakland, because clearly they won that game in regulation in Oakland. And finally the NFL actually admitted one of the blunders that the refs made.


SKIP BAYLESS: The fumble was, and then obviously the mark on the fourth down.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, they doubled down on the mark. They said they got the mark correct. But they did, over said there should have been a fumble.

SKIP BAYLESS: But anyway, they should have won that game, because they scooped up the fumble, and they would have scored with it, and they would have won the football game. So Baker Mayfield would now be 5 and 0, including a huge win over division rival Baltimore. And my bottom line is, I keep telling you, this kid is something.

SHANNON SHARPE: Can we just deal with what we