DeAngelo Hall explains why Baker Mayfield will have a tough time against the Baltimore Ravens

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DeAngelo Hall discusses Baker Mayfield's odds against the Baltimore Ravens defense in their Week 5 matchup this Sunday.

- --DeAngelo Hall. So, DeAngelo, give us a stat line for Baker on Sunday. What do you got?

- I'm saying about 270 yards passing, two touchdowns, an interception, couple sacks. Yeah, and that's a lot, especially against this Baltimore defense. But I just think they're going to give them an opportunity to throw the ball. I don't think they'll be able to run it very much against this stout Ravens defense, but I think he'll get a chance to extend some plays with his feet. Get out that pocket, but it's going to be tough.

It's going be tough sledding because this Baltimore defense, like I said the other day, I don't think they expected him to be that good. But because they're that good, now they have to live up to it. And Terrell Suggs, you best believe he knows about that young guy coming and he's going to try to get to him.

- Yup.

- I'm going to give him 250, a touchdown, two picks. I expect the Ravens to win. Baltimore number two in total D, number four in scoring D, and they get the best cornerback in Jimmy Smith. So that's going to be a real--

SKIP BAYLESS: Although "Used" Carr is going to-- he's going to start. That's what they said because he's got--

- Yeah, he got, like, 169. They should have been broke a long time ago. Oh, "Used" Carr, he would--


- "Used" Carr's been playing pretty well.

- He's been playing well for Baltimore, but if he was playing well, he'd still been in Dallas. But he wasn't play well like he's playing for Baltimore, but that's neither here. Baker turned the ball over four times against a team that can't generate a pass rush. I mean, they're not very good, Skip. We know that as far as defensively getting to the quarterback. This Ravens team can get to the quarterback, and I think they'll force him into some mistakes. And so I'm saying 250, a touchdown, two picks, and the Ravens win.