Skip Bayless: ‘My guy, Dak Prescott, will have his best game of the season against the Texans’

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Skip Bayless explains why Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott will have his best game of the season against the Houston Texans Sunday night.

- I believe that my Cowboys will win this football game because I believe my guy, Dak Prescott-- and I love me some Deshaun too, but I love me some Dak a little bit more. Dak Prescott will have his best game of the year against this defense on the Sunday night stage. One thing about my guy, Dak Prescott, that you will not acknowledge and honor-- he rises and shines.

Big moments, big stage, big challenge-- what happened? Landon Collins called him out, put the ball in Dak's hands. Remember that was a big Sunday night game against the Giants.

SHANNON SHARPE: Giants got one win.

- OK, I got it, but Dak was really good in that game. And what was his line that week? Challenge accepted. What has he done three times that he's faced-- you say-- the best quarterback in pro football, Aaron Rodgers? What's happened in those three games that took place.


- Took two Ls, but he played three of the best games of his career and he outplayed Aaron Rodgers each time he faced him. Yes, he did. So the average QBR for these three games-- 80 for Dak, 62 for Aaron Rodgers. Really? Wow, that's pretty good.

So at Lambeau as a raw rookie, fourth round pick out of Mississippi State, he went up there and threw for 247 and 3 touchdowns in a playoff game. As a rookie against Aaron Rodgers, he threw for 302 and 3 touchdowns, then last year at home, 251 and 3 touchdowns and a QBR of 97 against Aaron Rodgers. Those are big challenge games where you're up against the best, says Shannon Shapre, right?

- But we know the Green Bay Packers defense lacked.

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh, so it's the defense's fault.

- So I want to make sure you like QBR and you say he's beaten Aaron Rodgers, but Aaron Rodgers like win-losses because he's 2-1.

- Well, I can't help it that Mason Crossbar--

- Don't do that, Skip! Don't do it.

- He made two of the most outrageous field goals. I don't know how they went through the uprights. Because, one, the game winner, he hooked it dead left and it somehow straightened out and went inside the left upright. I've never seen that. Neither have you in your history of watching pro football.

SHANNON SHARPE: But you're telling me that--