Shannon Sharpe: ‘I expect the Pats to blow the doors off the Colts’

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Shannon Sharpe previews tonight's NFL match up between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts.

- --tonight.

- I expect the Pats to blow the doors off the Colts, and so do you, Skip.

- What doors? I didn't know they had any doors.

- Whatever-- whatever doors they have left.

- Yeah.

- They got seven guys out, Skip Bayless, TY Hilton, Jack Doyle, their starting running back. Two offensive linemen are questionable. And you expect them to go to New England with-- after what they did to Tom Brady? You know the Patriots are going to try and hang a 50 spot on them.

- You think so? Psycho Tom--

- I tell you what, I'll give you 10 and 1/2.

- I'm not doing anything, no, not doing anything.

- Come on, Skip! I'll give you-- I tell you what, I'll give you 14. I'll give you 14.

- Tom Brady has not forgotten that the Colts are the ones who tried to incriminate him for deflating the footballs. And that still burns in his gut.

- It does.

- And you will see the reemergence tonight of Psycho Tom. He will be possessed tonight to take it out on the Colts, as in payback the Colts. And I'll say he puts up 35 on them. They played pretty well against Houston last week.

- I'll give you 14.

- Andrew Luck was pretty good.

- Do you want the 14 points?

- Heck no. I don't want any.

- He doesn't want it?

- What?

- I learned last week, you do not bet against number 12-- the only number 12 in the NFL who is up in Foxboro.

- No, no. There's one in Lambeau. There's one up there in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

- No, that's LeBron. That's the NFL's LeBron.

- You're a hater, Skip Bayless You're a hater.

- It's a wipeout.

- Oh, of course, yeah. It's going to be 21 points at least.

- I'll watch every second of it.

- I'll say at least-- they'll win by at least 20.