Shannon Sharpe says NBA GM survey ‘validates’ LeBron James as clearly the best player

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Shannon Sharp explains why LeBron James is 'universally regarded as the best player in the NBA' and why Kevin Durant is not there yet.

- Well, this validates and confirms what I knew to be true all along-- that LeBron James is the best player in the NBA. Now these 30 men-- their sole job is to evaluate talent. That's what they're paid to do, Skip Bayless. And these guys could not vote for their own player. LeBron James finished first in eight different categories. He received at least one vote in 14 different categories.

Kevin Durant finished first in one category. He finished-- got a vote at least in 10 different categories. So what that tells me-- when you talk about best power, you know, best small forward, best passer, best leader, highest IQ, greatest leader, da, da, da, and the tisk it or task it that LeBron James is universally regarded as the best player in the NBA. Now you mention all the time that LeBron James is the best passer.

These general managers validate and confirm what you've been saying. So now I need you to confirm and validate what I've been saying-- that LeBron James is universally, that he's unquestioned, unchallenged--

SKIP BAYLESS: Leading to the wrong conclusion.

- Whoa. Don't do that, Skip. Don't do that. That is so unbecoming of you. That's somewhat of your character-- your-- your-- your ilt. That should be beneath you.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah. Of my basketball IQ.

- But, Skip, I've been trying to tell you this. Look at this. Here's a man in his year-- in year 16. We've never seen anything like this before-- someone in year 16 being regarded as the best player in the NBA or--