Skip Bayless: Patrick Mahomes ‘could be an all-time great’

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Skip Bayless discusses why Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has a chance to be one of the all-time greats in the league.

- Could this kid be all time great? Yes he could. He's shown flashes of all time greatness. But the other night to three quarters, he wasn't very good. He was 15 of 29. Barely over 50% for 151 yards. And then in the fourth quarter he threw for 153 yards. So he threw for more yards in the fourth quarter than he'd thrown for in the first three quarters. And what did he do to his QBR? It sank it a little bit. Because it looked like he deserved a 95 or whatever, and he had an 84 because it factors in the whole game, right?

And how many times the other night, I counted three times when he scrambled and flung it, just flung m and he had one-- he's on a magic carpet ride right now. And we see it happen for x number of games for kids where they don't know what they don't know. You know? So they have no negative thoughts. He's got zero negative thoughts, so he flings it with such confidence that unfortunately for the opposition, they don't catch it. There were balls that could have been intercepted--

- Especially that one that got popped up by Sammy Watkins.

- Yeah. And they don't get intercepted because he's still sitting on 14 touchdowns to zero interceptions.