Skip Bayless says Tom Brady will want ‘ultimate payback’ against the Colts on Thursday Night Football

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Skip Bayless gives his take on the Thursday Night Football matchup between rivals New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. Skip says why Tom Brady will be wanting 'ultimate payback' this time around.

- I believe Tom Brady will get re-worked up about the single worst thing that's ever happened to him in his life. I think you're going to see the reemergence of psycho Tom tomorrow night. You'll see him in that crazed state, wanting ultimate payback from the organization, the Indianapolis Colts, who tried to blow the whistle on him just before halftime of that AFC championship game in early 2015.

And I said from the start that I believe the National Football League chose to railroad Tom Brady with a bunch of flimsy, inconclusive evidence. They tried to sacrifice the great Tom Brady legacy, in order to punish the Patriots and Bill Belichick for his history of cheating, not for what had happened in Deflategate as much as everything that had happened with Spygate and other accusations.

They just said, OK, let's sacrifice Brady's career, because at that point, he had turned 38 years of age. And it looked like, well, he's about at the end of the line. And I want to thank the NFL for reigniting that fuse in Tom Brady, because he just is coming off an MVP year last year at age 40. So it actually turned out to be a great thing for Tom Brady.

But I told you, I talked to two people very close to Tom Brady back in 2015. And they said he is angry about this, because all he ever asked his equipment people to do was to inflate the footballs to the lower end of regulation, because he liked to have a little softer grip. Aaron Rodgers likes his at the upper end. He likes the firmer grip.

So whatever. But he's just not a cheater. I just don't believe Tom Brady is a cheater. The head coach, I'm not so sure about, because he got busted for cheating.

But in this case, if you want conclusive evidence, I say look at what happened that night. In the first half that night, it was cold and a little rainy in Foxborough. Tom Brady went 11 of 21 for 95 yards in the first half of that AFC championship game against the Colts.

In the second half, with "legally inflated" footballs, because they allegedly got busted at halftime and they re-inflated-- with legally inflated footballs, Brady went 12 of 14 in the second half for 131 yards and two touchdowns and no interceptions. And they won that game 45 to 7.

And then with legally inflated footballs, Brady went on in the Super Bowl in the fourth quarter to complete 13 of 15 passes for 124 yards on the Legion of Boom, two touchdowns, no interceptions. Obviously, he got a break with the play call or whatever happened at the end of the game. But he did win the football game.

And I think that, and that alone, said, I didn't gain any advantage here. And then obviously, Tom Brady went to the first round in court. And he beat the NFL in a home game in New York City.

And then he went to the Court of Appeals, because the NFL did. And he lost a 2 to 1 vote to those three judges and finally said, because it was late July, I will take one for the team. Again, his friends are telling me he wanted to take it to the Supreme Court.

But he was becoming too big a distraction to his team. So he swallowed the four-game suspension. And I believe, slowly but surely, he's fought back and won back much of his reputation since then.