LeBron James’ preseason home Lakers debut was ‘electric,’ according to Shannon Sharpe

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Shannon Sharpe explains what he saw from LeBron James in his first preseason game at Staples Center for the Los Angeles Lakers.

- LeBron was LeBron. The crowd was electric. It was buzzing. They were talking before the game and they said, you know, people were lining up 45 minutes. This was to be expected. It's been a long time. This is the longest drought in Laker history they've gone without making the playoffs. So the crowd is energized. And when they say-- you know, I had to here it-- in his 16th campaign from Akron, Ohio from St. Vincent St. Mary, please put some hands together for one LeBron James!

SKIP BAYLESS: That was good. You got it! That was good.

- Skip, he--

SKIP BAYLESS: That just echoed, man. It reverberated.

- Yeah.

SKIP BAYLESS: I-- I heard the echo of that all the way to Central City.

- I almost got in my truck and drove down there and try to catch a little bit of it. But I said, I'll get you opening night. He's still a great passer. He still can make those passes. I thought sometimes, Skip, they were over passing the ball, saying, basically, look, you take it. I'm good. You know, they were overpasssing the basketball.

SKIP BAYLESS: They're all trying to be little LeBrons.

- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But there's only one of him. JaVale did a great job of diving to the rim. He did a great job when he was challenging shots. I have some concerns, Skip, because he's really the only true big they have. He gets in foul trouble, he gives nicked, LeBron, Brandon Ingram, or Kyle Kuzma's gonna probably have to play the five.

I don't really know how well they're gonna be able to get out and run if they can't get rebounds because, you know, with Jokic in in there, he took up-- he takes up a lot of space. He's a very good rebounder. I think he's probably the best young player that hadn't gone to the All-Star Game. So-- but LeBron was LeBron. I still believe they're gonna get there. They're gonna win me my five cases of Dew by winning all these games.