Shannon Sharpe says Patrick Mahomes was ‘very impressive’ after MNF debut in Denver

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Shannon Sharpe explains why Patrick Mahomes was impressive on Monday Night Football and who has a stronger arm between the rookie and Aaron Rodgers.

- Skip, he's very impressive. He has things that you cannot teach. His improvisational skills are second to none in this-- in this-- in the league currently. He's-- his talent level-- when you think of young, talented quarterbacks, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, he's on that level.

Skip, he can throw rolling-- and he can throw-- his ability to throw on the move is Aaron Rodgers-esque. His arm is stronger than Aaron's. And that's going to serve him well because, you know, in Kansas City, Skip, it starts getting-- late October, November, it starts to get really cold. It gets windy. It rains. It snows. Also Denver, it gets cold.

Now, they've already-- they dodged a bullet. They got Denver early in the season. It was a great night.

- Yep.

- But he has the arm strength that can cut through any element that he might face being outdoors. Skip, he's special. Rolling to his left, he changes his hands, throws the ball, and gets a first down to Tyreek Hill.

Now, when you're playing a young man like this, Skip, as a rusher, you must be very careful, because if you run past him-- and this is what they normally teach you when you're rushing a guy like him. You don't run past him, because if you run past him, what he'll do, he'll step up, and he'll slide one way or another. And he has the arm strength to throw the ball over your head.

Second and 30, he gets out of the pocket. He throws the ball. There are very few quarterbacks in this league currently playing, Skip, that can do what he did, all those plays that he made outside of the pocket with his feet, throwing the ball.

And then he's very decisive. You look at that 8-yard TD run, Skip. He steps up. He's like, this is man coverage. I'm gone. There was no hesitation, no what should I do. Let me see-- Uh-uh. He steps up, bye, see you later, races Darren Stewart to the corner, touchdown.