Skip and Shannon are impressed with LeBron’s preseason Lakers debut

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk NBA on today's show. Hear what they have to say about LeBron James' Los Angeles Laker preseason debut.

- LeShannon Sharpe, this was classic, thin-skinned LeBron James. He obviously took a whole lot of criticism last week for saying he did not want to play a single preseason minute with any of his completely new teammates. So what did he do last night? He went petulant child. He said, watch this. He played 15 minutes. He played almost the majority of Laker minutes in the first half. Of course, they lost by 12 at halftime. That's welcome to the west. But it was classic LeBron, saying oh, you don't think I'm going to play at all? Watch this. So I was impressed. He played pretty well.

- Well, I always felt that he should play at least one game.

SKIP BAYLESS: Thank you.

- And that's what he did-- nine minutes in the first quarter, six minutes in-- and maybe that's kind of his schedule, Skip. You know, he'll probably play the bulk of the minutes--

SKIP BAYLESS: Remember he said last week, I don't need one minute.

- But did you see those passes? Did you see that pass to Ingram?

SKIP BAYLESS: That was good.

- That's what's going to be-- that's what the Laker fans--

SKIP BAYLESS: Did you see the score at halftime? They were getting nuked by the Denver Nuggets. Really?

- So now we put emphasis on preseason.

SKIP BAYLESS: Interesting.

- So that's what we're doing now, Skip Bayless. We don't put emphasis on no preseason except when LeBron plays.

SKIP BAYLESS: This is going to happen a lot to LeHollywood James.

- You won't bet. You won't bet nothing. You won't--

SKIP BAYLESS: I've already bet you.

- Yes, we've got-- we've got 54 wins.

- Yeah? 54 wins. I don't know. He might have worn himself out last night.

SHANNON SHARPE: What is it about doing what? He hit a deep three?

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, way to go. He actually played with his new teammates.

SHANNON SHARPE: I thought he hit a three from Pomona.

- Yeah.


SHANNON SHARPE: You see that, Jenny?

- Yeah.

- So he's straight. He'll be all right. He'll be all good.