Skip Bayless was impressed by Ezekiel Elliott’s clutch catch to get the Cowboys a much-needed win

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Skip Bayless reacts to the Dallas Cowboy's victory against the Detroit Lions during Week 4 of the NFL season. Hear his thoughts on Dak, Zeke and more.

- Here we go. I'm about to give you-- even as a lifelong Dallas Cowboy fan, I'm going to give you an objective, unvarnished, "lay it on the table," "straight from the gut view" of what happened yesterday. This is my view, not yours, but mine. There was a whole lot I did not love about the way my Cowboys played yesterday on offense and especially on defense.

But in the end, with the season on the line and the money on the table, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott combined on an extremely clutch play that not only save the game, but put them in position to win the game on a walk-off field goal by Brett Maher, who's pretty good.

SHANNON SHARPE: Apologize to him.

- I'm not going to because we got a long way to go. I'm knocking on wood.


- Yeah, he got off to a shaky, rocky start at Carolina. But so far, so good. And I'm not going to tempt fate by apologizing. But that pass and that catch was a thing of beauty. It was one for the ages.

And I'm with Jerry Jones. I'm just glad I got to witness it. He got to see it live in person, and I got to see it live on Fox. And it was beautiful. And I will remember that pass and that catch for the rest of my life because Dak did exactly what I keep saying that he's highly capable of doing. And that's throwing a beautiful, deep ball.

And I'm about to talk in just a minute about others that he threw yesterday like he's highly capable of throwing. And Ezekiel Elliott did exactly what I beat this table for all week on before this game on Sunday. What did I keep telling you? He has to catch it. I don't care about the carries. I care about the catches because nobody can deal with him in the open field.

So what did he do? He lined up like a wide receiver.

SHANNON SHARPE: In the slot.

- He lined up in the slot. And all of a sudden, a linebacker steps up and says, uh oh. I think I got 21. And Dak says, uh oh, I got 21. He did not hesitate. And did he not drop it on a dime? Drop it right down the chimney?

SHANNON SHARPE: Nice throw. Nice throw, nice catch.

- It was beautiful. And did Zeke just not haul it in? He looked like-- dare I say-- a wide receiver on that catch. He looked like a wide receiver because-- trust me on this-- he can catch it downfield at least as well as Le'Veon and Todd Gurley can catch it downfield. At least.

SHANNON SHARPE: What about Kemal?

- OK. Throw him in there. I don't know. This guy is sensational.

JENNY TAFT: Does anyone?

- Yeah. Who else you got? Jim Brown? You want to [INAUDIBLE]

SHANNON SHARPE: No, no. David Johnson.

- I don't know.

SHANNON SHARPE: Those are the two "way back" that we've been talking about.

- Yeah. OK. All right. So that's the kind of play that not only saves but makes the season. And I told you off the Seattle game that I put the onus of the burden on Ezekiel Elliott because he made three bad plays in that game that cost them the game. He did catch a touchdown pass in that game after he had stepped out of bounds, which nullified the touchdown play. He did drop a huge third and 9 pass that hit him right in the hands. And he could have turned up on Bobby Wagner and gone for 40 yards.

And at the end of the game, he did bolt for 26 yards, his longest run of the day. And he got stripped from behind at the Seattle 19 or we could be having a different conversation right now because we might be talking about 3 and 1, Dallas Cowboys.

So did Ezekiel Elliott ever repay his team yesterday because that was his career day, career combined yards.


- And all of a sudden, especially those four catches for 88 yards, he vaults right into the-- dare I say-- the MVP conversation with Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff. I think Zeke's right in the middle of it, especially if the Cowboys take off.