Skip Bayless defends Baker Mayfield’s performance in his 1st NFL start

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk NFL. Hear what Skip had to say about Cleveland Browns rookie QB Baker Mayfield after his first NFL start.

- Interesting, a bad game. So, Jenny, I don't know. I must live in a different neighborhood from Shannon. I have a different TV provider, and I don't know. I was watching Fox, I thought. I don't know what I was watching. I don't know. You were watching Pox or Fax or some other-- I don't know what station you're watching.

- I saw Baker just eating it up.

- Oh really. I saw a very different game.

- I did, too.

- Sorry. Thank you for that.

- Jenny, don't do that.

- I appreciate that very much. I'm going to give Baker Mayfield, for his first ever NFL start on the road in the black hole in Oakland an A minus.


- Because his team put up 42 points, thanks largely to him. 42 points-- it was the most ever scored by a first overall pick in his first start since the merger. It was by far. It was 42. The next was Vinnie Testaverde. He had 34 in his first start back in 1988, I believe it was. That was a long time ago, wasn't it, Shannon?


- So as you correctly pointed out but tried to just slough off and sweep under your little carpet over there, obviously Baker Mayfield did enough to win the game, because he should have said after the game, instead of it's on me, it's on them, as in the referees, because that game was flat out stolen from Baker Mayfield. It was stolen twice from Baker Mayfield. If we could just real quickly-- 6:18 left in the game. It's third and nine Oakland from their 42. Derek Carr drops back, and I have no idea what this is. Let's find it.

Here we go. Derek Carr drops back, and it's a fumble! He fumbled. Wait a minute. They blew the whi-- look, what, wait a minute. Ogunjobi-- he's got the football. 65 has got the football. He's going to run for a touchdown it's a flat-out fumble. He's gone. He's gone for six. It's going to be the back-breaker for the home team. They're all going to look at each other like, we're doing it again. We're falling to 0-4, because what can go wrong will go wrong. And they rule it in the grasp, a quick whistle? It was flat-out-- the ball was so loose and so gone before he was in the grass. It wasn't even funny.

But still, the Browns survived that, and we go all the way down to 1:41 that's left in the game. And it's third and two at their 17, and they give it to Carlos Hyde, who had a big game.

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh really, yeah.

- Hands the ball forward. Monster game, and he handles the ball forward, and that's easily-- he falls with the football across the first-down line. And the refs just see it and say, first down, and the game is about to be over, because you're going to kneel out the clock because the home team's out of timeouts. So the game is over. They are going to win the game with the 42 points that Baker Mayfield scored in regulation. And somehow, even after Dean Blandino-- Fox's own Dean Blandino, who used to be the head of referees for the National Football League-- even while he goes live on Fox and says, no, you can't overturn that. There's nothing clear. There's no conclusive proof. There's no conclusive view to overrule that. Somehow Al Riveron or somebody in New York says nope, nope, overruled, not a first down. Fourth down. What?

It's fourth down, which leads me, by the way, to the defense of the Cleveland Browns, which I thought was the backbone of the Cleveland Browns, thanks to Greg Williams. And I've been raving about it and saying they're going to keep them in every game. They gave up 565 yards. They gave up 426 passing to Derek Carr, who sometimes throws the biggest bunch of lollipops I've ever seen. And you can't stop him at all. They're just going up and down the field at will.