Shannon Sharpe grades Baker Mayfield’s first NFL career start a ‘big, fat D’

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Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss Baker Mayfield's first career start with the Cleveland Browns.

- OK, Shannon, what grade would you give Baker's performance?

- D. A big fat D.

- Wow.

- As in dumb? Go ahead.

- No, no, no. Don't do that, Skip. Don't try to get me off my game. Hold on. Wait a minute. I didn't ask you to respond. It's not your turn. Jenny said, Shannon, what grade would you give Baker? And then you chime in. Can I have the voice? Is it my turn? OK, thank you.

- Good luck.

- I give him a D. Because someone has ingrained in my mind, Baker Mayfield is a careful gambler. Now, I think that's oxymoronic but, OK. So what?

SKIP BAYLESS: Told you it was.

- Careful gambler. Even he had Jenny T co-signing. Oh, he threw 43 touchdowns, six interceptions. Now, four turnovers. Now what am I supposed to do with that, Skip?

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, you tell me. It's not my turn. Are you asking me to talk? Is it my turn, Jenny? I don't know.

- This is a rhetorical question. You are not to respond until it's your turn.

- How do I know? We need a graphic that says "rhetorical."

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, this is rhetorical. Turned the football over four times. Two interceptions, two fumbles. That's four total, Jenny. I led with that, Jenny, to prefact that, like, he had two interception and two fumbles. No, no, no, four total. Because, you know somebody might have come in on the turnover.

SKIP BAYLESS: Jenny, he is being hard on you.


- No, Jenny, my home team steal.

- I don't think so.

- But here's the problem, is that where the turnovers occurred. One occurred on the seven yard line, the other occurred on the 20.


- You're up. So, not only did he allow them, because they had a 28-14 lead, before he fumbled that ball. They ended up going it. And then he fumbled the ball again, Baker Mayfield talking about we turned the ball over too much. I don't know who we are, you turned the ball over too much. And next thing you know, they're behind.

Because, you know, what I've been hearing is that had Baker Mayfield started the entire season, there would be 4-0. What Baker Mayfield in his first start, lost the ball game. Because he did something Tyrod Taylor, in three years of starting, cumulative, has never done. Turn the ball over four times. Jenny, do you know there's only been one game in which Tyrod Taylor has had two or more turnovers? One game. One game.

The one thing that Tyrod Taylor does not do is turn the football over. I would like to think, had tied Tyrod Taylor had a game, played in the game, in which his team rushed for over 200 yards, I feel very comfortable in saying, Tyrod Taylor would have won that game.

Now, someone will say, well, the official blew the call. Someone will say the official, Derek Carr fumbled that ball. They'll give you all these excuses on what should have happened and what could have happened. At the end of the day. And then, before I can make this other point, in overtime they give Baker Mayfield back the ball. And if I'm not mistaken, three straight I N, and it's indifferent, incomplete. That's what he did.

Now Skip Bayless told me Baker Mayfield is so proficient at throwing the football. Not your turn, I know you're chomping at the bit and want to talk over there. But it's not your turn just yet.

SKIP BAYLESS: I'm about to fall asleep over here.

- Don't fall asleep.

SKIP BAYLESS: Is the show over yet, Jenny? I don't know.

- You should have fallen asleep on that performance that he put up. But you were on the edge of your seat, because I know you were just waiting to tweet Baker, Baker. I know you waited. And you couldn't do it.

SKIP BAYLESS: You follow me, so you should know.

- I don't follow anything. Don't be sending me that mess, Skip.


Skip, I can't. C would have been average. Had he won the game? OK. But when you get a D, he had to be below average with four turnovers, because you told me, oh, that wasn't his fault. Tyrod Taylor had a situation where a field goal, with PA, his kicker. Missed two PATs and two field goals.

Had that been Baker Mayfield, they wouldn't have even been in that situation. They wouldn't have needed those field goals. OK. They didn't have Tyrod in there. And Baker turned the ball over four times, put his team in harm's way. In a game they should have won they lost because of Baker Mayfield's turnovers.

SKIP BAYLESS: Really? Interesting. So are you advocating that Tyrod Taylor be reinserted into the starting lineup?

SHANNON SHARPE: No, I'm not advocating that.

- Well, that's what I think you just said. You're making that case.

- No.

- Go for it.

- No.

SKIP BAYLESS: Go for it. Campaign for Hue Jackson to go back to Tyrod.

- No, no, no. Skip, this is not no flip flop. You can't be going back and forth.

- You might need a bodyguard when you leave you today if you do that.

- No. Skip, you can't go back and forth with quarterbacks, one quarterback has a bad game, go to the other. The other quarterback has a bad game, go back to the other. But I'm just saying, Baker did turn the ball over four times.