Eddie House wants to know what The Shot Doctor is going to do to fix Lonzo’s shot

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Eddie House joins the show to talk Lonzo Ball's jump shot. Will the Los Angeles Lakers PG be able to refine his shot in the offseason?

SKIP BAYLESS: Before I weigh in, I'm going to defer to a guy who could really shoot it. Eddie House, one of the great shooters in the history of this game in spurts.

Great, clutch jump shooter. Can this be fixed? Should it be fixed?

EDDIE HOUSE: Well, I'm not sure about the mechanics side of it. You look at how he shot in college.

This is the thing. It's like Shannon was saying, you'll revert back to what you know, and that's the muscle memory. Now, the only way he can change that or fix that is if he's in the gym changing his mechanics.

And I think Magic hired a shot doctor, as well. I don't know what his name, but he hired him. So I want to know what kind of prescription he's going to give Zo to fix that jumper. You understand me?

Is it going to be, are you changing his mechanics or are you working on his psyche? Because a jump shot, number one, is all mental. It's all you.

If you have a mental block-- just like Markelle Fultz. You see he went from being able to score the basketball to can't get it to the rim. It's mental blocks. It happens. Like a catch throwing the ball to the pitcher, or Chuck Knoblauch throwing the ball from second base to first.

You have something going on in your mind. And it hasn't been bothering Zo. It hasn't affected him his whole life.

I think maybe some of the outside interference, the pressure of being the number two pick may have got to him psychologically. I compare him to a guy who has a similar size: Kevin Martin.

Similar shot, same size--

SKIP BAYLESS: Same idea.

EDDIE HOUSE: Same idea pretty much. But he had ultimate confidence. He averaged 20 points seven times in a 12-year career. Finished averaging 17 points, 46 from field, 38 from 3.

So if Zo can get his confidence back on, I don't think there's any problem. You don't want to start trying to change mechanics. You want to just have ultimate confidence when you are taking that shot.

SKIP BAYLESS: By the way, I once talked to Reggie Theus, who coached Kevin Martin in Sacramento. And he just said, I just couldn't reach him. You know, like he just did what he was going to do and shot it the way that he was going to shoot it, and it worked.