Skip Bayless explains why Draymond Green is starting to come off as a ‘fake tough guy’

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Skip Bayless talks Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson after their reported fight in Los Angeles. Hear what Skip had to say about the altercation on Wednesday's show.

- It pains me to admit it. I am with you. And I am against Draymond on this. And Draymond is starting to come off, to me-- dare I say-- as a fake tough guy? It is. I loved it when Draymond, during the 2016 NBA Finals in game 4, finally had enough of LeBron's whining over this call and that call.

And he called LeBron James-- he dared-- he had the guts and the gumption to call LeBron, to his face, the B word. And it was so audible that it echoed through the first few rows around the court. And sitting in the second or third row happened to be one Kiki VanDeWeghe who was in the sort of Czar of discipline in the NBA and meted out the punishment.


- And unfortunately for Draymond, and for the Golden State Warriors, he then exacerbated the situation by running down court, getting tangled up with LeBron-- remember this?


- And as they tried to untangle, Draymond took a really cheap rabbit-punch open-handed shot up into LeBron's groin area. It was really-- it was about as dirty as you can get. And that did it.

That was the final straw for Kiki because Draymond already had a little legacy, a little reputation for those kicks. He had a little history going on.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, he thought it was a raw kick. He had to--

- He did.

SHANNON SHARPE: Kick Steven Adams.

- He sure did. And that was it. You are gone. That's a big suspension because usually, they try to err on the side of no suspensions during the Finals.


- They took him right out of Game 5. And you know what? History changed. Everything changed because if Draymond plays, and they go ahead and take care of business in Game 5 at home, well then, is-- is Draymond going to the parking lot after the end of the Finals, calling up KD, saying, you've got to come help us?

SHANNON SHARPE: Nope. Nope. Nope.

- Remember? So everything would have changed. Maybe Kevin Durant's career path changes? I don't know.