Shannon Sharpe on Barkley’s latest comments about LeBron: ‘Charles is full of it’

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk NBA. Hear what they had to say about Charles Barkley and LeBron James on today's show.

- But what do you make of this?

- Charles is full of it. And the reason why I have a problem with Charles' comment is because Charles-- I think it was January or February of 2017-- he said LeBron wanted all the best players. LeBron James doesn't even want to compete.

What is LeBron James? He's whiny. He had all these things to say. Because you remember, LeBron came back at him, Skip. So you-- you remem--

- Oh, do I.

- You remember exactly what I'm talking about.

- We were in Houston at the Super Bowl.

- Yes.

- Yes.

- So he's saying LeBron doesn't want to compete. He just wants the best players and just go out there at it. He criticized LeBron for joining Miami and teaming up with D-Wade and Chris Bosh. So in this situation, LeBron James, he doesn't go to Golden State. He doesn't go to Houston. Hell, he doesn't go to OKC.

He doesn't go to Philly or Boston. He goes to a younger team. And now he doesn't want to compete. He just want to go make movies. So which is it, Charles? You can't-- pick a side and stick with it. Do you want LeBron to compete? Do you want LeBron to go to a super team again, which you say is bad for basketball?

Or do you want him to go to a younger team that has some talent-- they haven't arrived yet-- and try to make them better? You say, well, he's going to s-- he's going to ruin these young guys. I thought you said great players make it easy for other players?

So which is it? He wants to have it both ways. Now we know Charles has gone out of his way to be extra critical of LeBron James. Skip, he said the man is on the downside of his career. In year 15 in NBA history-- since they had the All NBA selection-- only three other guys have made the All NBA first team in year 15 or later. Tim Duncan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Kobe Bryant.

Two of those guys played an extra five years. The other guy played four years. How many guys you know in the downside of their career in year 15? First team All NBA, unanimous.

- My-- is it my turn?

- No. It's not your turn.

- You asked me a question.

- Not yet.

- Oh, sorry.

- When you get an opportunity--

- Sorry.

- Just-- just take notes and then you'll be able to--

- Sorry, Shannon.

- Thank you. Kareem, Kobe played an extra five years. They played 20. Duncan played four years. He played 19. So you look at what LeBron has done. First team All-NBA, MVP of the All-Star Game. And he finished second in the MVP voting. But he's on the downside of his career.

When he had the best year, as far as rebounds and assists, than he had at any other point in his 15-year career, but he's on the downside. Charles, it's OK. The '80s was great basketball. It's OK for these guys in today's game to be better than some of the players.

In Charles' mind, he thinks, probably, Karl Malone and Patrick Ewing are better players because Charles has made it abundantly clear-- there's nothing LeBron James can do to ever crack his top five. Really? By all--

SKIP BAYLESS: That's a pretty good top five.

- By all metrics, LeBron James is already there. He's already a Mount Rushmore player. Everybody--


- No. Everybody except Charles Barkley who's been hating. Skip, it's OK. Charles, you didn't dedicate yourself neither on or off the court to have longevity. You can't be upset at these guys now, especially LeBron, because he spends all of his time in the gym. He spends his hard earned money to get better and to stay in that great place, which you didn't do.

But for you to say he doesn't want to compete because he went to the Lakers-- if he goes to the Golden State Warriors, you upset. He goes to Houston, he's upset. If he would have gone to Philly, he would have been upset. He goes to the Lakers, but now all he wants to be is a mogul.

So which is it? Do you want him to compete? Or you do not want him to compete? But you've got to pick one or the other.