Shannon Sharpe on Ainge’s comments about the Eastern Conference post- LeBron

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Hear Shannon Sharpe's thoughts on Danny Ainge's comments about the Eastern Conference after LeBron James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

- There are 15 teams in the East. There are two very good teams, Philly and Boston. That's it. Let's not kid ourselves. Washington? Really?

- You wouldn't put Toronto?

- No.

- Their whole problem was LeBron.

- They're baby dinosaurs. And even when they had Kyrie-- when they just made that trade. They went to Boston. What did LeBron and them do to them? Took them apart. Took them apart.

- Two years ago.

- No, this year.

SKIP BAYLESS: No, this year.

- This year. Right at the trade, when they got the--

SKIP BAYLESS: Who was great in that game? I'm so hood and Clarkson. Am I right?

- No, he about to--

SKIP BAYLESS: They shot the lights out.

- They did.

- Regular season.

- They shot their wad in that game, because they ain't shoot no more since then. Well, they had two games. They went to OKC.


- They shot the lights out of that place also.

SKIP BAYLESS: They did. Skip, look.

- So you don't like what he's saying?

- I don't have a problem. Look, I know the message that he's trying to send. We're not going to overlook anybody. Anybody can beat us, but Danny Ainge is like, we're going. Can't nobody beat us. We're too-- because think about it. They had a chance to trade for Kawhi. And he basically said, Tatum, Brown, Kyrie, Gordon Hayward, Al Horford off the table.

So he's telling you, we're good enough right now to get out of the East. I don't need to add Kawhi. I don't need to give up no pieces. I'm good enough right now to get out of the East.

So he already told you what he thought by not making the move for Kawhi, because he could've easily had Kawhi, or Tatum, or Brown in one of those draft picks. But he said, no, no, no. We're good enough over here.

He knows his competition is what? Philly. Because if he gets Gordon Hayward back and Kyrie-- because remember now, they won those five games against Philly without him. They beat-- who is it they played? I think they played Washington. Who'd they play the first round? But they won. So they won the first they played a Milwaukee with seven games without Kyrie, without Gordon Hayward.


- So it's hard for me to believe that they're going to be worse if they get those guys back. But Danny Ainge is secretly applauding. I'm so glad that guy gone. Because he was going-- they wouldn't let us go to the finals as long as he resided.

- I think this year he would have felt like. If LeBron had stayed in Cleveland, Boston--

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh, yeah. With that status quo he had. Yeah, with that status quo. Oh, yeah, of course.