Michael Rapaport predicts LeBron’s Lakers will be in the Western Conference Finals

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Michael Rapaport joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss LeBron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

- Michael Rapaport, what are your thoughts on--

- Here we go.

- --LeBron being a Laker?

- Well, my thoughts on LeBron being a Laker are, unlike Ty Lue, I wasn't shocked. I don't think anybody was shocked. I think it's great for basketball. I'm in a conundrum, Skip, Shannon. I am in a conundrum, because Magic Johnson is someone who I truly have love for. Like, I literally have love and affection for him. I've met him a few times. But like, he's like-- he means so much to me. Meant so much to me as a kid, meant so much to me as a role model. His whole life. Like, I just-- I really just have admiration for him.


- But. But. And that being said, but LeBron coming to LA, where there's a will, there's a way. I will find a crack, I will find an excuse to jump all over him. As far as him coming to Los Angeles, I think him and Kyle Kuzma, Kyle Kuzma is the key. Him and Kyle Kuzma will be two peas in a pod. I think he's gonna love Kuzma. Kuzma had a great rookie season.

The Lakers are going to the Western Conference Finals. For sure. They're going to the Western Conference Finals--


- What?

- --listen, you could put him--

- You've joined forces with him?

MICHAEL RAPAPORT: --no, I don't--

- What has happened to you?

- --Skip, Skip, Skip.

- You've been brainwashed.

- Skip, you know--

- Did you get to him?

- --Skip, I did everything--

- What?

- --I can from annoying you and your wife every single night during the finals. I watched as you and LeBron James got swept out. I loved it. I loved it. I have alienated myself--

- What's happened to you?

- --from the state of Ohio. If I go to Ohio, I need security.


- Those people hate me.

- Yeah.

- OK, this man heard from me every single night during those finals. He-- they got their butts beat. They got their butts beat.

- But?

- But-- but-- this guy's a force. He's a beast. If you put him on the Knicks, they're going to the Eastern Conference Finals. You put him on the Orlando Magic, they're going to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Lakers are not slouches. They didn't make the playoffs last year. They did not make it. But they had a lot of tight games they could have won. They're gonna step it up. This guy takes any car from being a Honda, from 1987 Honda to a Rolls Royce automatically.

COMMENTATOR: Automatically?

- They're gonna-- forget the Rockets, it's coming down to the Warriors and the Lakers. That's going to be the finals next year. And whatever happens--

SKIP: For the record, how many years have you lived in Los Angeles, California?

MICHAEL RAPAPORT: Back and-- since 1989, back and forth. Back and forth, yeah.

- But you've had a home here.

MICHAEL RAPAPORT: I didn't own one till the '90s, started making good money.

SKIP: Yeah, you struck it rich there, right?

- Yeah, I'm doing OK for myself. I don't have custom suits like you guys, but I'm doing all right. You guys are sharp today. Look at the deep blue. Sharp. Sharp.

- There's something coming behind that, Skip.


- You know it.

MICHAEL RAPAPORT: These are custom suits. I don't have that kind of money. But I'm doing OK for myself. What's your point, Skip? My friend, Skip.

- The point is, LA got to you. You now see yourself as an Angeleno.

- No, I do not, my friend.

- Yes, you do.

- No, I do not, but--

- It got in your blood.

- --Skip--

- Hancock Park. That's-- am I right?


- --I'm not eating hummus every day like this guy.

SKIP: I don't know, you could if you wanted.

- Skip, do not think that the Lakers are going to the Western Conference?


- Heck no.

- He said they're going to be an eighth seed.

- Eighth seed.

- They get swept in the first round.

- Look at this team right now.

MICHAEL RAPAPORT: They're better than the Cavaliers.

- No, they're not. I don't think they are.

- I-- listen, I am right there on the front lines. When people say-- the biggest LeBron haters, they say Skip, and then they say me, and maybe a couple of other yokels in there. I am on the front lines with you.

COMMENTATOR: Charles Barkley.

MICHAEL RAPAPORT: I'm on the front lines with you, but you know, the guy is a force. And all this, he doesn't have the pressure. This guy, he could take the summer off, he could let his mind-- he could deflate. I saw a picture of him. He didn't look as muscular as he did a couple of weeks ago.

COMMENTATOR: He just came off the--