Shannon Sharpe reacts to reports LeBron nearly signed with Philly

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Shannon Sharpe reacts to reports LeBron James nearly signed with the Philadelphia 76ers.

--strongly considered going to the Sixers?

- I absolutely do because there are only really three teams in this-- in this running, Skip. He already knew what the Cavs presented. He knew the practice schedule. He knew the coaches. He knew everything about the Cavs. So he didn't really have to formally meet with them. Although I believe LeBron and his representative, Rich Paul of Clutch Sports, I believe they kept the Cavaliers apprised of what was going on throughout the process.

So now we're basically down to two teams, the Sixers and the Lakers. He sat down. He had a meeting with the Sixers. OK, we have Joel Embiid, we have Ben Simmons.

SKIP BAYLESS: Although just for the record, I don't think LeBron pushed--

SHANNON SHARPE: I'm saying, Rich Paul-- Rich Paul did-- sat down with him. OK, this is what we have. This is what we could potentially do. And this is what we-- this is how we would move forward. This is how you would fit, and how we would fit around you.

OK. I'm sure he-- he liked what he heard. And then he sat down with Magic Johnson of the Lakers. LeBron actually had the meeting with Magic. But Skip, LeBron James was an unwinnable situation. If he stays in the East, Alex, oh, he doesn't-- because this is the only way that he can be in the conversation with the GOATs, he has to continue to go to finals in the Eastern Conference. It's a cakewalk.

Now he goes to the Western Conference. Not only does he go to the Western Conference, he's in the very division that the Golden State Warriors reside in. Now he doesn't want to win championships. So how does he win?

If he stays in the East, it's a cakewalk. He should go. Now he goes to the Western Conference, and the very divi-- division that the powerhouse, juggernaut, Warriors reside in-- oh, he just comfortable now. He just trying to live out his remaining days-- like the man 100 years old. Like he moved to Florida, and all he wants to do is be in an assiste-- assisted living facility with his heels kicked up.

He's only 33. He's still the best player in the game. He believes that Magic Johnson-- he trusts Magic, he trusts Rob Pelinka that they're going to be able to surround him with the pieces he needs to, not only go out and compete, but to win a title. So I absolutely believe the Sixers were in the running, but it just came down to lifestyle and fit. He felt, moving forward, the Lakers would present the better chance for him to win a title.

And because-- and put the kibosh on all this other talk-- because you and I both know when he wins, not if, when he wins this title, you know what that means, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: What's he gonna be, 39 or 40, when he wins that title? Is he gonna be coming off the bench for the Lakers for that title?

- See, you just being rude.

SKIP BAYLESS: 15 minutes a night? I don't know. I don't see it.

SHANNON SHARPE: How about this here? He will win a title before his 36th birthday. Bet do on that!

SKIP BAYLESS: I've already bet you for next year, and I'll bet you for the next year. Unless he-- I've told you, if he gets Kevin Durant, all bets are off.

- All I'm saying is LeBron James will have another title before his 36th birthday.

- OK. Well he's going to need a lot more help than he's got right now.

- You can take that to the bank.

- OK.

- The young is gonna grow up.

- So.