Skip Bayless sympathizes for Cavaliers fans that LeBron left ‘high and dry’ when he signed with the Lakers

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Skip Bayless expresses his sympathy for all the Cleveland Cavaliers fans who LeBron James left 'high and dry' when he signed a four-year/153.3 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

First of all, I want to say today that I do love the city of Cleveland. Every time I've visited, I have loved it more and more. And I do care about those sports fans in Cleveland because they are true, blue sports fans. They were so loyal to LeBron. I know they burned jerseys when he left because he left so badly the first time. But he came back greatly in spite of that owner who just condemned him when he left the first time.

And yet, even though he did leave them with a championship legacy-- he won the one championship-- I do feel sorry for them today because I thought maybe in the very back of my mind that LeBron would say, you know what, I got to tough this out. I got to finish it at home in northeast Ohio. That would be the feel-good story of all this, right?

- But you and I heard, Skip, that Dan Gilbert would not be terribly disappointed if LeBron left because he wanted his team back. If you and I were hearing that, what do you think he was hearing?

- I'm sure he was hearing that, and I do not condemn him for all that. I'm just saying, I feel sorrow for those fans because they got left, again, pretty high and pretty dry.

SHANNON SHARPE: And they'll never get another one of those.

- They'll never get that back. I mean, who knows if they'll ever win a championship again.

SHANNON SHARPE: You're not going to get a player of that caliber.

SKIP BAYLESS: I would agree with that. The odds are against you getting that guy again.