Skip Bayless reveals why Donte DiVincenzo will be the steal of the 2018 NBA draft

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss the Milwaukee Bucks drafting Donte DiVincenzo. Additionally, Skip reveals why DiVincenzo will be the steal of the 2018 NBA draft.

SKIP BAYLESS: You know, so, I'm going to say just one more time. I told you this yesterday. I was out front on this. I told you Donte DiVincenzo will be the steal of the draft. And, a lot of people are saying he'll be a second round pick, and the Bucks had the guts and the vision to say, at 17, we are taking him. And now, they have two freakish athletes. They obviously have the Greek Freak, and they got a freakish leaper in Donte.

They got a big game clutch shooter, and clutch defender who will make plays defensively, as well as offensively. He's got an NBA body at six five, he can shoot threes at a 40% clip, and that's a steal. That's the steal of the first round.

- Yeah, I mean, Middleton can shoot the ball. They got-- but, I don't know. When you look at the Bucks, they're missing something. They're missing something.

SKIP BAYLESS: He's going to help add a little something to this.

- They need somebody with some breaks in their pocket skill. They got a bunch of tall, skinny, but nobody with breaks in. Ain't nobody. Come look, at Greek Freak. Milton, all old guy are skinny, handsome. You've got to get somebody that can back it down.

SKIP BAYLESS: They got Jason Terry, man.

- They have JET.

SKIP BAYLESS: They're going to be back.

- JET going to come off, he's going to beat them.

SKIP BAYLESS: Look at his old man.

- He'll give you 10 minutes, get you a couple of points. He'll hustle, but he ain't backing nobody now, Skip, that's not his--

SKIP BAYLESS: He'll teach Donte the ropes. He'll teach him how to play NBA basketball.

- Well, you-- they better worry about-- they better hope LeBron moves out of town. They better hope LeBron, you know, relocates out of the East, because as long as he's in the Eastern time zone, it ain't looking good.

SKIP BAYLESS: If LeBron stays in Cleveland, he better be looking sideways at them Bucks coming.

- OK, really?

SKIP BAYLESS: I don't know.

- The baby reindeer? The baby reindeer.

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh, now they're the baby reindeer.

- Yeah, the baby reindeer.

SKIP BAYLESS: And the baby Raptors. And the baby daughters.

- Two baby dinosaurs, yeah. Well, that little reindeer, they ain't gonna do nothing, Skip. You know that.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, remember, I said it.

- You said what?

SKIP BAYLESS: I said Donte. That's the steal of the draft.

- You see that Mark Reed coming back? They got Bob Lanier coming back sometime soon?

SKIP BAYLESS: Lots of them.

- Yeah. Terry Cummings, you remember Terry Cummings?


- OK, yeah, but I don't see them coming back. They're out, they scream.