Skip Bayless details why Donte DiVincenzo’s NBA ceiling is higher than Trae Young’s

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In his discussion about the upcoming NBA Draft, Skip Bayless details to Shannon Sharpe and Eboni Williams why he considers Donte DiVincenzo the best point guard in Thursday's NBA draft compared to Oklahoma's Trae Young.

- If I'm the Cleveland Cavaliers and I truly want a point guard, I'm taking Collin Sexton if he's still there-- the Alabama kid-- or that Gilgeous Alexander from Kentucky, because he's 6'5" and he's got a much higher ceiling to me than Trae Young does. But I must throw out one other player that we got to watch in the national championship game.

How about that light-skinned kid-- as in white kid? How about that kid?

SHANNON SHARPE: You want Billy Hoyle?

- Yeah. How about Donte DiVencenzo?


- Stock is rising. So if-- I promise you if I took Shannon Sharpe, and you knew nothing about reputations of either of these two kids, and I showed you the tape of Trae Young's loss in the first round to Rhode Island-- you watched it start to finish-- and then I showed you Donte DiVencenzo win MOP-- most outstanding player-- in the national championship game for Villanova, and I said, who would you take in the draft, I'm pretty sure you'd take Done.

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh, yeah-- Double D. Absolutely.

- OK, he's 6'5". He won several high school slam dunk contests. So he can get up.


- He can get up. And you know what? He passes it-- he's not Trae Young, but he passes it pretty well. And he's a 40% three-point shooter who comes off the bench, but he was fearless, man.

- And guess what he does better in his sleep than Trae Young. Play defense.

SKIP BAYLESS: He plays defense.

- Did you see the shot--

SKIP BAYLESS: I know. I know.

- He blocked a dunk with both hands.

SKIP BAYLESS: With both hands.

- He can slide his feet. And so--

- And I look at some of the numbers he put up against their archrival in the Big East, Xavier, a number one seed in this year's tournament. At Xavier this year, Donte goes for 21, nine, and nine. Those are big time NBA-bound numbers to me, where I'm saying-- and again, will I be surprised if he goes late lottery or at least mid-first round? I will not.

For most people, he was going to be a second round pick. All I read-- stock on the rise for Donte. And in the end, I'm going on my gut. I'm going on my eye test. His NBA ceiling to me is higher than Trae Young.

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh, I could agree with that. Now, it's being reported that LeBron's camp is more enamored with Collin Sexton than they are Trae Young.


- Now--

- Again, but he's an explosive athlete. He can finish like crazy. Is he raw as a point guard? Can he pass like Trae Young? No.

- He kind of-- you know who he reminds me of, Skip? Fox-- De'Aaron Fox, he guy that came out of the--

SKIP BAYLESS: He does. His game is like that. They look alike.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yes. Yes. A little herky jerky all over the place.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, I agree.

- Quick. But at the end of the day, Skip, you're asking a rookie to come in and contribute, play heavy minutes. Because like I said, we thought Jayson Tatum was OK. But we never would have known. Because it's hard for me to believe that Jayson Tatum would have gotten those minutes if Gordon Hayward was fully healthy. It's hard for me to believe that.

It's hard for me to believe that with Kyrie. Because they're going to put the ball in Kyrie's hands late in the ball game, Skip, where, in this situation, Jayson Tatum had the ball.


- So LeBron's going to always have the ball, for the most part, late in the ballgame, especially with a rookie on the floor. So it's just hard for me to believe that the Cavs can take this young man, and that will entice Bron to stay.

I believe that, even if they trade the pick, it's still a 95% chance that LeBron is going to bounce. Because he's looking at it-- can you get someone? Can you get a Kawhi or whomever it may be? We're just saying Kawhi because he's available-- Paul George.

Well, Paul George is looking like, hold on. Why would I want to come now when, last year, you wouldn't commit more than another year? So what makes me think, if I come now, all you're going to do is just opt in. You ain't said nothing about signing no extension.

So I get stuck. And here we are again. I get stuck in Cleveland. You bounce.

So that's what LeBron is up against, Skip. As he wants security and wants people to do the right-- wants Dan Gilbert to do the right thing by him, these players that might want to come play along with them want him to do the right thing by them.

Say you're going to be here for two years so I know, OK, well, I'll sign a two-year deal. Because that way, he leaves, I'm not staying in Cleveland without him. Because he is the only reason I'm coming to Cleveland.

SKIP BAYLESS: That is true.