Dak Prescott’s thoughts on Eagles QB Carson Wentz going into the 2018-19 season

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Dak Prescott joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk about Eagles Philadelphia QB Carson Wentz.

- You guys were in the same draft. You play in the same division. The comparisons between you and Carson Wentz are never going to cease until both of you guys are out of the league. Do you watch what he-- do you watch him? Do you watch what he does? Are you comparing, like, man, he had a good game. I need to go out and have a good game?

- I wouldn't say I'm necessarily comparing stats or comparing plays. But as you said, we were both in the same draft class. He was one of the, I guess you could say, partners or other quarterbacks that I liked into the draft. And I knew how talented he was.

So I when I watch Carson, I'm just watching his game. I've got a lot of respect for him for what he does. And as you said, I mean, I embrace those comparisons. I embrace the competition. We'll be long-time rivals getting to play each other twice a year hopefully for a long time in our careers. So excited to see what the future holds for both of us.

- So describe you as a quarterback versus him as a quarterback. How different are your games, in your view?

- I mean, he's a big physical player, I think, as well as I am-- I am too. But I don't-- I don't know if I necessarily broke his game down enough to say these are the differences, this is the pluses, here are minuses there and then vice versa for myself. But as I said, he's a great player. He's a great player that I can watch, always learn something from, always trying to learn from other players in general. So he's a great player and will continue to be if he continues the way he's playing.

- Do you get upset by the constant comparisons between you and he?

- No, not at all. I don't necessarily pay attention to the comparisons. I know I've just got to be the best that I can be for my team and for the Dallas Cowboys organization. And that's all I really worry about.

- So should the Philadelphia Eagles be the prohibitive favorite to win your division this year?

- I mean, I don't-- I don't necessarily pay attention to the favorites. As I said, I'll let y'all-- let you guys on TV who are great at it-- you know, or think you're great at predicting and knowing what you know. So as I said, I just know what the Dallas Cowboys have and where we need to be and where we're going. And I'm so excited about that and ready to get into training camp.

- On paper, are they better than you at this moment?

- On paper? Who knows? I mean, you tell me on paper. They won the Super Bowl last year, so--

- I think they won the Super Bowl with their backup quarterback, which is a shock to me. And who knows? Maybe their backup quarterback will be their starting quarterback.

- Don't do that. See what I'm saying, Dak? See what I have to go through every day, Dak? See what I'm talking about? This is what we talked about on the plane ride.

- So Dak--

- Yeah, we talked about it.

- --give me something to hang onto as a fan. Give me some, you know, off-radar player that you say so-and-so is going to rise and shine and surprise people, one of your receivers. Who do you look at just through your mini-camps and say, hey, so-and-so could be something next year?

- Yeah, I mean, I expect-- and you all know his name, Cole Beasley. I expect him to be an all-around receiver, inside, outside, moving him around. He's a guy that's hard to cover. And he just has a knack for the game. Has a knack for getting open.

But we also have, you know, some young receivers that-- a couple of the guys that have come in, had OTAs, great mini-camps, spent a lot of time working with them in the offseason they have a lot to them. And if they come in with the right mindset and continue to get better, they can be good receivers in this league for a long time.

- And by the way, what happened to Cole Beasley last year? His production dropped off, like, by half almost. What, was he getting doubled more than usual?

- Yeah. I mean, when you have a year like he had the year before, the defenses are good. And defense gets paid in this league too. So they come in, and yeah, they double him, they bracket him, they put two or three guys on him inside. So yeah, he just got more coverage, got more noticed than the year before. And defenses took note of that.

- Dak, when you set goals for yourself in 2018, how much of those are stat-based compared to win-based?

- No, they're all win-based. I know if we're winning, the stats are going to be there. And I know they're going to come. And if we're not, then obviously the stats aren't going to be there. So everything-- everything about me is all about winning, just trying to get wins to get ourselves a chance to get into that postseason. And then once-- once you're into that, it's one win at a time. So I'm just worried about winning that game one in Carolina.

- So what do you think, 12 wins next year?

- I think a lot of wins.

- A lot of wins? You've got to give us something, Dak. 11?

- Nah. You call it, Skip. I like your predictions, Skip. I like your predictions.

- I got 10. Will you buy into 10?

- Oh, I'll buy in.

- Yeah. That'll work for me.

- Uh-uh.

- I'll buy in, yes.

- Philly's going to go 9 and 7 some.

- What do you got? What do you got, Shannon?

- Well, Skip and I got a couple cases of Dew that you guys are not going to make the playoffs. So I don't even want to go on record and say what I think the win total will be. But I don't think the win total will be enough to get you guys into the playoffs. But I think-- I hope y'all have a great season. But I just want to win my bet, though.

- Nah, sorry about that bet.

- Oh, you're saying I'm going to lose my bet?

- I just said sorry about that bet.

- I think that was a prediction.

- Oh, oh. So Dak, now he is in the prediction business?

- I'm not in the prediction business. I'm leaving that to y'all.

- He's in the back it up business. And he's going to back up what he just said.

- OK. Well, I need him to back up. I know he has and F-150 of some type. I need you to back that truck up and bring me 20 cases of Sprite when I win my bet, Dak.

- Yeah, yeah.