Skip Bayless reacts to reports Gregg Popovich met with Kawhi in Los Angeles

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In his conversation surrounding reports that San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich traveled to Los Angeles to meet with Kawhi Leonard, Skip Bayless explains how this seems beneath Popovich and the Spurs. Do you agree with Skip?

- I'm going to speak strictly as a long time San Antonio Spurs fan here, and I'm going to tell you this whole thing comes across to me as simply pathetic on Coach Popovich's part. This is so beneath the dignity of the best organization in sports and a coach that even you call, right?

MAN: Yeah.

- Maybe the greatest coach ever. You've got him up there and what top three?

MAN: Yes.

- And think about what's happening right now. He is groveling. He is begging. He is chasing a Kawhi Leonard, who according to the ESPN reports, has been dodging his phone calls and avoiding meeting with him at any cost. Pop had to actually fly to Southern California to try to track Kawhi down and get him to sit down so they can have their first, and maybe last, heart to heart, man to man. To say I'm just assuming, because there are many reports about what was actually spoken, but I'm going to assume that Coach Pop said look, I just want you to know, man to man, that I'm disappointed in how it all unfolded, but we think we did the right thing. I know you think you did the right thing. But I'm willing to forgive and forget and clean the slate, and clear the air, and try to go forward if you're willing to do the same. I'm doubtful that Kawhi is willing to do the same.

- I agree.

- Because this whole thing flipped. Kawhi Leonard was the perfect teammate and the perfect San Antonio Spur until just before last season started, when he fired his agent who is now suing, and he chose his uncle, Denis Robertson to take over all of his affairs. Remember this? So now the uncle is presiding, and I believe that the uncle, you want to talk about Dennis the Menace, has in my view, poisoned Kawhi's view of the Spurs. I think the uncle wants him out of San Antonio. The uncle resides in New Jersey. I don't know if he wants him on the East coast. Obviously Kawhi has made it public that he wants to join the Los Angeles Lakers and he'll do it now or later. It depends on whether you want to trade him, or let him just play it out and then join as a free agent. But to me, it all comes back to that magic move of I fire my agent, I let my uncle, a former banker, take over all of my affairs and all of a sudden he turned on the Spurs.

So can I walk you back through the timeline, because now according to Kawhi's camp, they are trying to vilify Tony Parker and Pop and the comments they made as the last straws. Right? OK, can we put that in the context of what actually happened. I'm going to say it again. I've got the dates now. We've been talking about this for a couple of weeks. February 22nd, so around mid season, the most conservative and patient medical staff in all of sports cleared Kawhi Leonard to play with a bruised quad. They had some name, tendonosis something. I don't know what it was. But it was a bruised quad and they said he is good to go.

This team as you know, is so patient with it's players. You got something, take time off. You know, that's their whole reputation. Their class, their character, they're player friendly. So when they said on February 22, you're cleared. That's a bombshell, man. And it's hard for Kawhi to argue out of that. And I know he went to two guys I know, a surgeon and a physical therapist in New York and he tried to get second opinions on this. But it took a whole month till March 17th, until finally his teammates, his veteran teammates said, we've got to find out what's going on with this guy.

On March 17th this team had a chance to finish third in the West, behind obviously Houston and Golden State. And I thought they were perfectly positioned if Kawhi would come back 100%. I thought they could make a run at the Western Conference, because as you know, with Kawhi they had Golden State down 23 points in the middle of the third quarter in game one of the previous year's Western Conference finals.

So they have this heart to heart meeting and I guess it didn't go well. I don't know what was spoken or not spoken, but I think Kawhi Leonard said very little.

MAN: Are you surprised by that?

- He never says a word.

- Exactly!

- OK, so it took six more days until one Tony Parker, who by the way has four rings to Kawhi's one ring, so he's decorated. Right? He's been there and done all that. And he was asked about Kawhi's injury and he said my injury was 100 times worse than Kawhi's.

I'm good with that. You were not good with that, but I'm still good with it because Tony Parker ruptured his thigh muscle, his quadriceps. It tore into in a freakish accident of an injury against Memphis in last year the previous year's playoffs. He rushed back. He missed the first 19 games. He played 55 games and played pretty poorly by his standards, because he was a shell of himself on what was still a shaky thigh. OK?

So that happened on March 23rd. Then they keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and there's no Kawhi and we get to game one of the playoffs and they lose that Golden State 113 to 92, predictable. And after the game, Coach Popovich was asked once again for the 9 thousandth time, think Kawhi going to come back before this is over? And he said you'll have to ask Kawhi and his group. So they took that as a negative connotation of his dismissing his new team as his group. OK? And so they are holding it against Tony Parker and Coach Popovich for making negative comments about them that burned the bridge. Well, I'm here to tell you the bridge was already burned. It was already Kawhi quitting on the San Antonio Spurs.