Rob Parker compares LeBron and Durant joining loaded teams to MySpace and Facebook

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In his reaction to Kevin Durant being blamed for ruining the NBA after he joined the loaded Golden State Warriors, Rob Parker explains to Chris Broussard and Greg Jennings how LeBron James started the super teams when he joined the Miami Heat. Plus, Rob Parker reveals how the Warriors 'one-upped' LeBron with the Kevin Durant addition.

- Myles is 100% wrong when he looks to put blame on somebody. You didn't mention who was really the author of this awful NBA, his name is LeBron James.

- How did I know you were going to turn this, totally turn this to LebBron?

ROB PARKER: LeBron James ruined the NBA. It was when he left to form a super team in Miami that went to four straight championship finals, and they won two of the four. But when he teamed up with Wade and he teamed up with Bosh. And then people say, "No, it wasn't LeBron who started the super team. It was Boston." It wasn't Boston. Because if you remember when Boston put together their top three, they made trades. They traded pieces to get Ray Allen and they traded pieces to get Kevin Garnett.

- One thing quickly in support of you, Kevin Garnett-- remember, he had to be convinced to go to Boston. And he didn't want to leave Minnesota.

ROB PARKER: And he had played 13 years in Minnesota, it wasn't in the prime of his career.

- Well he was in the climb.

- But it wasn't player generated.

ROB PARKER: That's what I'm saying. And LeBron James altered it by doing what he did. And here it is, after he left, here's some of the players who also left their teams. Harden, Durant, Carmelo Anthony, LaMarcus Aldridge, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, here's all these other stars that felt if LeBron could walk from their franchises, they felt like they could do it as well. So we opened up the floodgates.

And here's the part look when you talk about Golden State and LeBron. LeBron started what I would call MySpace, right? And Golden State started Facebook. They one-upped him with the Kevin Durant edition, that's what they did. They saw what LeBron did, and they said, "Oh, OK, we got something for you." So when I hear LeBron crying about, oh it's not fair and look at what they got, LeBron started it. He did it first, and they one-upped him.

I didn't like what Durant did. I think it's bad for the NBA. There was something in baseball years ago when the Oakland A's were trading off all of their-- selling all their players to the Yankees and the Red Sox. And the commissioner stepped in and said, "No, these sales are not going to go to through because it's not in the best interest of baseball." The same thing with Durant. The commissioner, somebody has to stop in and say it's not good.

- Chris Paul should have been in a Lakers uniform. David Stern.

- No, that wasn't good for the league.

- Basketball ball reasons.

- But that was different because Stern owned, literally owned the New Orleans team at that point. It was a weird situation. It wasn't like he did it on behalf of the NBA. He did it as the owner of the New Orleans team at that time.

ROBERT PARKER; Because the league had taken over the team.

- Yeah. So it was a little different. And I know that's what Lakers fans they like to say it was a conspiracy. No, don't go there.