Shannon Sharpe reacts to KD leading the Warriors past LeBron’s Cavs in Game 3

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In his reaction to the Cleveland Cavaliers falling 3-0 to the Golden State Warriors in the 2018 NBA Finals, Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylow why Kevin Durant's 43-pt night was more impressive than LeBron James' Game 1 performance. Will the Cavs bounce back in Game 4?

- Shannon, what happened last night?

SHANNON SHARPE: KD. KD happened. Skip, you always like to say if somebody would have told me that Steph and Klay will shoot seven for 27, they would go three of 15 from the three point line on the road. Oh, I'm taking that all day. I'm taking that. But now, if you're going to tell me, well, KD is going to go 43, 13, and seven, and he's going to be almost can't miss, I'm like we're in trouble.

And I tweeted this, Skip, after the first quarter. As well as the Cavs play, five offensive rebounds seemed like everything at the rim. We're only up one point. Cavs, I say sad emoji, sad face.

SKIP BAYLESS: You do emojis?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, I do emojis. Sad face.

SKIP BAYLESS: I don't do emojis. You're better than emojis. You're in the Hall of Fame, you don't need emojis.

SHANNON SHARPE: Sometimes the emoji can tell the story a little bit better than I can.

- What's that word, context?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, it adds context to that. Skip, the Warriors have a luxury that no other team can have, and I don't know if ever a team has ever had this kind of luxury. They have three scorers. And when all of them get it going, they're unbeatable. But even with two of the three don't have it going, the other guy can do more than pick up the slack.

Kevin Durant's game in game three was equally as impressive, if not more so, than Lebron's game one because at the end of the day, they won. And Skip, that shot that they he pulled up with last night, it was almost the same location, just five feet further back.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, that's a lot. That's a lot.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah. But the way it was going for him, Skip, you could tell when he pulled up I'm like, man, this is going in. Skip, for LeBron on LeBron's end, he picked the worst night to have one of his off nights. This is only the sixth time in 21 games that he shot less than 50% from the floor. He didn't finish well at the rim, his three ball wasn't going. He didn't shoot the ball overall very well at all, Skip. He took no range jumpers, so it was either at the rim--

SKIP BAYLESS: By the way, that was the weirdest part of the night. I don't what-- because he's been making a lot of them. In game one, he made seven of 14 shots outside the paint. I've never seen him have a hotter hand. And then last night, he wouldn't even attempt them. I didn't get it.

SHANNON SHARPE: The three ball wasn't falling. He had that corner three to bring them back to within one. But Skip, he missed a lot of shots at the rim. He missed a lot of layups, a lot, Skip, that was in the paint that he normally makes.

SKIP BAYLESS: I got him at seven close range misses.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah. And I'm talking about lay ups. I'm not talking about-- no, I'm talking about layup line layups. Now granted, guys are trying to block the shot, but he's coming out on the other side laying the ball with his left hand, and he still wasn't being able to finish. But I think the thing that I was most disappointed in, Skip, is that I don't think he fought hard enough to get over those picks to guard up Kevin Durant.

SKIP BAYLESS: Totally agree.

SHANNON SHARPE: It seemed to me that it was too easy for him. Like, when they come with the pick, he passed it off. Skip, once he gets it going, he doesn't even see Kyle Korver, he doesn't see George Hill, he doesn't see Green, he doesn't see Rodney Hood, he doesn't see any of those guys because he's already seven feet tall. So when he raises up and shoots that shot, he don't even know they're there. It's like practice to him. You got to make it more difficult, you got hit, you got to fight through it.

And I get it, Skip, it's really hard. Because what they were doing last night, they were running the pick with Klay and Steph. Well, if you trap KD, you know what's going to happen, Steph or Klay is going to make that shot. Now given the way they were shooting it last night, that might not have been a bad idea just to get the ball out of his hands. But you got to do something. You cannot keep-- OK, when they pick, OK, you take him. No, trap him, make him give the ball up.

Skip, non big three players shot 65% from the floor.


SHANNON SHARPE: As bad still as Steph and Klay were, KD made up the slack. But the other guys, they couldn't miss. Finally, Livingston finally missed a shot. He played three game, he's 13 of 14 from the floor. JaVale McGee gave him quality minutes. Iggy came back, he wasn't himself. You could tell he wasn't himself. He could only play in spurts. But he was another body that they could throw at LeBron. And that's what you do, Skip. KD, you got him for a stretch, Dreymond you got him for a stretch, Iggy, Bell, you take him for a stretch. Even Bell came off the bench, gave him quality minutes, Skip, from offensive rebounds and some points.

But I was disappointed. This was the worst game. LeBron picked the worst possible time to have his worst shooting night. And Kevin Durant played probably his best game of his entire career. And he's played some good ones.