Chris Broussard says even LeBron may think he messed up during Game 1

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Chris Broussard joins Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe, and Skip Bayless on Undisputed, sharing why he understands yet disagrees with LeBron's reaction to all the confusion at the end of regulation during Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors.

- Hi, Chris, good morning.

- Thank you.

- You like LeBron's explanation?

- I mean, there's so much he said. I thought a lot about it because one clip we didn't play was when he said, you know, I didn't want a Chris Webber moment. I was checking to see, you know, did we have a timeout? And that would imply that when he found out about the-- that they did have a timeout, that he was relieved. So I thought about, what in the world could LeBron mean?

So I think he's sitting there, quietly, thinking about all that he said was going through his mind. And he begins thinking, maybe we didn't have a timeout, cause why am I the only one tripping that nobody called a timeout. And so he asked Ty Lue and finds out they had one. And then, that's when he's like, you know, there's some relief but it's anger. Well, why didn't you call a timeout?

- Right.

- So look, I think, I get his-- I get where he's-- the way he's feeling. He's like, JR, I'm not asking for 25 points. I'm asking you to know the score, all right? T-Lue, I'm not asking you to be Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson. Just call the timeout if we got it.

And so I get the anger. Of course, it wasn't the proper reaction. At that moment in time, the Cleveland Cavaliers, his teammates, needed a calming effect. They needed him to be like, all right, look, let's get it going, game's not over. We got five minutes to close out this game.

That's what they needed. OK? He couldn't-- he didn't give it to them. I understand the reaction. But I don't think he was throwing them under the bus.

Cause if you look at his explanation, he admitted, himself, what you've been saying. He thought-- he said-- I was thinking, should I have just driven, right, instead of passing to George Hill? Should I, could I have gone to the basket? So that's looking at himself.

And then saying, maybe we didn't have a timeout. Like, I may have messed up too. So I think he was just totally opening up and sharing what he was thinking.

- I think--