Shannon Sharpe on LeBron’s reaction to JR Smith’s Game 1 blunder before OT

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Shannon Sharpe reveals his thoughts about LeBron James' reaction to JR Smith's Game 1 blunder after the full video has been released. Is it fair to criticize LeBron's leadership?

JOY: Shannon, what do you make of LeBron's reaction?

SHANNON SHARPE: We got to see the human element of disappointment, on an all-time great player. You know, we've all seen the jubilation when Michael wins his first. Skip, you can see him, he's lying on the floor, he's crying. He jumps on the table. Kobe, so happy he jumped in Shaq's arms. So we've seen the human side, when things go well.

But I've often wondered, for an all-time great, what must be going through their mind? I'm not talking about a Billy Buckner, Skip, because he was a good player. But he wasn't Babe Ruth. He wasn't Lou Gehrig. He wasn't one of these transcendent, or say, a Hank Aaron, or Willy Mays.

SKIP: Nope. But, you know what? He was a really good player.

- He was a really good player.

- I covered him, here in L.A. With the Dodgers. But go ahead.

- We saw LeBron James, Skip, in that moment, because he's invested so much. And you heard Chris saying that, telling the story about how his mom told him. Skip, I wasn't--

SKIP: Chris Carter.

- Chris Carter. I wasn't a big crier, but there are times that I cried, after a game, in which we lost.

SKIP: I'm sure you did.

- Because I know how much I put into it. I know how many sacrifices that I made. And it hurt me. And the more you put in, the more it hurts. Skip, it's hard for me to believe that there is a player that invests more in his body, in his game, than one LeBron James. And you saw that spill out.

Skip, this was supposed to be the LeBron James game. This was his greatest playoff moment in NBA history. This was going to top the 45-15 in the Boston Garden. This was going to top the game seven in Indy, or the game--

SKIP: --or the 48 in Detroit.

- Yeah, Skip--

SKIP: --I agree.

- This was going to top that.

SKIP: No, no, it was.

- But now, it's a footnote in the JR Smith game. So this is what this game is going to be known for, and he could not contain it, Skip. He tried to get a timeout on the court, but the official was looking at JR. Skip, if you look at the video, the official is about to run back court because he thinks JR is going to finally go into the back court. He's like, what the?

So he is going back there, and then as the official moves back when JR stops, LeBron turns and tries to get a quick timeout, but it's too late. And LeBron is thinking of all the things that could have happened. JR could have, he grabbed the rebound, he could have shot the ball, Skip. He could have called timeout. Of all the positive things he did, he did the one negative. He almost let all the time run out. And then he tried to pass to George Hill.

Skip, that with just raw human emotion. And because we think these guys do it at a very high level, we think they're inhuman. But LeBron James showed you a side that very few great athletes have ever shown you, in disappointment. And that's the human side, in which, guys, I hurt like you do. And he let it spill over, Skip.

And I'm surprised it was captured. I can assure you, had it been more cameras around like there is now, say in the '30s, or the '40s and '50s, because there have been some games that been disappointing. Some of the all-time greats played bad. But this is the first time we've seen a transcendent player get captured at his lowest moment.