Skip Bayless reveals how Kevin Durant and the Warriors are vulnerable to the Cavaliers

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Ahead of the 2018 NBA Finals where the Cleveland Cavaliers will face the Golden State Warriors for the 4th straight year, Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why he thinks the Warriors are vulnerable to LeBron James' Cavs.

- Will Jeff Green do a little better against Draymond? He might. He just might. And I'm going to remind you, Jeff Green, once upon a time, was the fifth overall pick in the draft.

And by the way, Tristan Thompson was once the fourth overall pick in the draft, and Kevin Love was the fifth overall.


- Wait a second. And then we got JR Smith, George Hill, Larry Nance. Those are all former first round picks. So let's not do chopped liver here on the-- quote, unquote-- help.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, stop it. Skip, stop it.

SKIP BAYLESS: I'm going to start it. No, I'm starting it.

- OK, let me--

- I'm saying, wait a second. Hold on just a second. Let's not dismiss. Let's not sort of premeditate some excuses here, building excuses for--

SHANNON SHARPE: This is no excuse! Skip--

- Well, listen.

SHANNON SHARPE: --there is no excuse!

- OK, time out. Let me finish here. What did we just see from Golden State? Did you see a champion there? Did you see a dominating team?

I saw a team that was often lifeless, completely out of sync, and highly beatable. I saw Kevin Durant just lose it-- lost his confidence, lost his way. He became a disaster for the end of game-- which one was it-- four at home. You just killed him there. That was Kevin Durant. That was the best player on the planet.

SHANNON SHARPE: But he gotta take a shot.

- What did I say? I said, you got me on that one. Because that was hopeless at the end of that game, because Steve Kerr decided, I'm not going to call time out, because I got the ball in the hands of the-- quote, unquote-- best player on the planet.

And he should have shot it. He should have driven it. He should not have passed it. And from that point on, he became a disaster.

For the next two and a half games, I couldn't even recognize him. And at halftime of game seven, Steve Kerr went in the locker room-- and, again, according to Steve Kerr-- told his team, I can't recognize any of you. They were a hopeless mess at halftime.

Didn't just about most of the NBA world think, this is Rockets-Cavs? Didn't it look inevitable? Didn't it-- if we hadn't seen two big scoring bursts from Steph Curry in the third quarter of game six and the third quarter of game seven, we'd be having a whole different story here.

And that was the only thing I saw from a Steph Curry, who, by the way, I can just show you-- and we don't have time to get into the gory detail of this-- Steph has never lived up during a postseason to his regular season MVPs. And often, against Cleveland, he has-- he's shrunk. He's disappeared. He's not been Steph Curry.

- Well, he almost averaged a triple-double last year. He didn't shrink last year.

SKIP BAYLESS: Wow. I don't know. I just don't know.

- Skip, the man averaged--

SKIP BAYLESS: I'm not sure. Yeah.

- The man averaged--

SKIP BAYLESS: But when you--

- The man averaged 26, nine, and eight.

SKIP BAYLESS: Who was the MVP last year?

- Kevin Love-- I mean, Kevin Durant.

SKIP BAYLESS: Thank you. So all of sudden, what did they need?


- They lost to LeBron.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, Skip, Skip--

- Wait a second. They lost to LeBron. They blew a three to one lead. And you told me Draymond was crying in the parking lot and got on his cell phone and said-- (IMITATES SOBBING) --Kevin, can you please--

- Yeah!

- --come and save us?

- And he came! He got a second best player now on the team!

- OK. And now, we just saw two and a half full games of Kevin Durant where he lost his way.

- Skip, it's only enough-- Skip--

- And they all talk about how vulnerable he can be as a human. Like, he takes everything to heart. He reads too much on social media. He gets haunted by his critics. You know, I'm just not sure. Do you really trust these guys? I just think they're vulnerable. You know they're vulnerable. We've seen them be vulnerable all year.

SHANNON SHARPE: Stop it, Skip. I know what you're trying to do here, but--

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, I'm not trying to do anything.

- OK, well, let me ask you this.

- And by the way, Draymond Green against the Houston Rockets shot two for 17 from the--

SHANNON SHARPE: Give me his numbers.

- Wait! Wait a second! Two for 17 from the three-point line. How many times in game seven were they just daring Draymond? How many times did you see him looking around, like, I guess I have to shoot this because nobody's guarding me?

- Yeah.

- And then what would happen?

- He shot two of 17.

- Clang.

- But over these playoffs he's averaging eleven-- eleven points, 11.6 rebounds, and eight assists.

- Man, I don't know.

- Even--