Skip Bayless reacts to the Rockets’ Game 7 collapse: ‘James Harden is made only for the regular season’

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In his reaction to the Houston Rockets falling to the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 of the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals, Skip Bayless explains after disappointing playoff performances why he thinks James Harden is made only for the regular season. Do you agree with Skip?

- Because he's the calming, soothing effect. When things get frenetic, he can slow it down. James Harden only knows one way-- come down as quick as I possibly can, and let a three go.

- So to finish off all the points you just made, I'm going to say what I've been saying on national TV now for about three years, James Harden is made only for the regular season. James Harden is going to win this past regular season's MVP, deservedly so. You and I have differed on that, but I believe he deserved the regular season MVP.

When it's time, when the money's on the table, when the stakes are highest, you cannot trust him, because he's not that guy. He doesn't have that playoff "it" factor. Call it basketball, backbone, I don't know what it is. He doesn't just shrink, he fades and disappears. You cannot rely on James Harden when it matters most, which is why I didn't love this team even with CP3.

And I'll never forget the great Magic Johnson was sitting here right before the regular season started, and he shocked me by saying that he favored the Thunder more than he did the Rockets. He thought the Thunder would go farther than the Rockets. Well obviously they didn't. But I got his drift. And I was with him that I just didn't trust this team to get to the finals.

Now, we get back to the CP3 issue, maybe so. Maybe he could have got them home in the last-- if you'd had him for both the last two games.

SHANNON SHARPE: I believe they win one of those two games.

- The Golden State was in such a deep hole. I just think-- I'm with you. If just he would stabilize--


- --he would inspire. He would calm. He would-- whatever it took. He would fire up. Whatever emotion of the moment was required, I think Chris could have been the leader on the floor.

- Because what was Chris Paul doing that James Harden has yet to do? Every big shot that was taken was made by Chris Paul coming home.

SKIP BAYLESS: It was. I would agree. This was horrendous. This-- this was expanded game six of last year against my Spurs when-- I don't even want to repeat the numbers, because they are so bad. They're really embarrassing in a one game scenario. But that was your close out game on this Houston floor with no Kawhi Leonard and no Tony Parker for San Antonio, and they got blown off the floor.

And I still don't know what happened to James in that game, but this was expanded over really, the last six games. Because he opened with 41 in game one, where they lost, but he scored 41. So he was off the hook for game one. And then from over the last six, he was just horrendous from three shot. 20% over six games for three. The last three games it got worse because he went to 17%. And then when they needed him most-- they knew that Golden State has been a third quarter team.


- They are plus, now 130 in the playoffs in the third quarter, which is a record of just plus, minus.