Chris Broussard reveals why Steph Curry is the key to a Game 7 victory over the Rockets

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Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Holly Sonders to preview Game 7 of the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets. Chris Broussard reveals why Steph Curry is the most valuable Warrior and is one of the keys to winning Game 7 against the Houston Rockets.

- Let me settle this, look, because I love Klay. I'm with you guys. Defensively, offensively, love his attitude.

SKIP BAYLESS: Because he just doesn't care.

- Exactly. Doesn't care about the accolades,

SKIP BAYLESS: If he scores two, he doesn't care. He doesn't make any waves about it.

- He's going to be-- you know, it looks like the reports are that he's going to stay, re-sign with Golden State. He's going to be this dynasty's, if they go ahead and win, James Worthy. That's what he is. He is going to be a Hall of Famer, just tremendous. I hope he stays.

However, the most valuable, most important Warriors player is the same one it's been for this four-year run, and that is Steph Curry. And the reason that the Warriors are in dire straits right now, the reason they're in danger of losing, is because they've lost that identity. They have gotten away from the free-flowing, ball movement, pass-happy offense that is rooted in Steph Curry. And now they're playing ISO ball through Kevin Durant too often. And it's largely on KD, but it's not just him. Steve Kerr, you the head coach, you've got to pull rank. At some point, this is not working.

SHANNON SHARPE: He did pull him to the side, though, during that timeout.

- He talked to him about [INAUDIBLE] here, but this isn't working. And some of it's on the players, the teammates, because how many times, especially in game five and earlier, do we see Klay or Steph at half court just give it to Durant in the middle of the court, and they run off to the side and looking for him to do something? And then Houston has a lot to do with it, because when you switch everything, it baits you into playing ISO basketball.

And the numbers bear it out. Steve Kerr has been a stickler for-- the magic number is 300 passes per game. They average 323 in the regular season. This series, 271 passes a game.

- But if they just don't pass?

- It because they're getting baited into playing too much ISO through Kevin Durant. Now when they go through Durant, they're still elite. They're still as good as Houston, Cleveland, they're one of the better teams. But they're not special.


- When they play through Steph, even though KD is a better player, and Klay is obviously better both ways. But when they play through Steph, everything opens up and they become special, because the defense has to adjust to this guy at 40 feet from the basket. So I think-- notice game six. That's a prime example.

In the first half, it's a tough game. KD has six ISOs in the first quarter. Second half, they begin playing through Steph, Steph's bringing it up, not KD anymore. They're moving the ball. KD have four ISOs over the last three quarters of game six, and we saw what happened. They looked like the old Golden State. The great thing about Kevin Durant is you don't have to feature him. You can just include him and he'll get you 30.


- They need to feature Steph and include Durant, and Durant is going to do his thing and they're going to play their ball. If they go back to this ISO-heavy thing through the Durant, as great as he is, tonight, then they can lose.