Shannon Sharpe reacts to the Rockets defeating the Warriors in Game 5

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Shannon Sharpe reacts to Chris Paul and Eric Gordon leading the Houston Rockets to a 98-94 win over the Golden State Warriors in Game 5 of the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals.

- Shannon, what happened last night?

- Whoa, whoa. What happened last night, Skip?

- You tell me.

- That case was spiked. That's what happened last night. Skip, the Rockets went out and beat the Warriors. That's what happened last night. And if you-- this is what I can't understand. And the Rockets play very good. They've got very good on ball defenders between Tucker and Ariza and CP3 and Clint Capela. But Skip, in the fourth quarter of game 4, they held the Warriors to 12 points. Last night, they held them to 22 points. So in the last two quarters, they've held arguably the greatest offensive shooting team, a collection of talent as far as shooters, to 34 points in two quarters.

- That is correct.

- And they deserve the credit, because what you're seeing, Skip, is that the Rockets are switching everything. One through five, they'll switch it. Which very few teams want to do because you don't want your point guard matched up with Kevin Durant in the post. But the Rockets say, we're going to do it.

- They do.

- They have Eric Gordon, sometimes, matched up on Kevin Durant in the post.

- They do.

- What makes it so effective is because Kevin Durant is the only guy, really, that can post. So they have no problem. Klay Thompson is really not trying to post anybody. Steph Curry is not trying to p-- well, at 6'2", it's kind of hard to post someone. Because Chris Paul-- Chris Paul is tougher and stronger than you think, Skip. He's got bulldog tenacity and he's rooting them up out of here. But give the Rockets credit, Skip.

I don't want to say, well, the Warriors are this, the Warriors are that. They're playing tenacious defense. What we're seeing is because this Warriors team is having to play so many minutes, Skip, this is the first time since Kevin Durant's been there that the four guys have played 40 plus minutes in regulation. And we're starting to see, when it comes late in the game, they look tired. Now, I'm just trying to figure out, Skip, what's happening to the best player in the NBA? I need you to tell me why is Kevin Durant shooting 3-16 in the fourth quarter in this series?

- I have no explanation nor defense. Go ahead.

- He's 1-8 from the 3-point line, 12.5%.

- Just awful. Eyesore.

- 0-4.

- Yup, disaster.

- In two of the last three games, Jenny Taft, I know you watched the game, but you probably didn't know this. Kevin Durant and I have the same amount of assists. Now, the difference between Kevin Durant, he's actually playing in the game. I'm sitting on my couch in a t-shirt eating Funions. Why is Kevin--

- You're eating Funions?

- Yeah I'm eating Funions.

- I thought you said you were in shape.

- I'm having a good ole time. I'm having a go--

- Funions?

- Hold on, Skip.

- They're fried.

- Egg is a shape. Maybe I'm trying to be shaped like an egg or something. I don't know. But anyway. Hold on, Skip. I'm just trying to figure out why two of the last three games, Skip, he has zero assists. And there's another game. So three of the five games, he has won one or fewer assists. Because here's the thing that we're starting to see, Skip Bayless. And I told you this is what makes my guy so spectacular, is that when Kevin Durant's not scoring because he doesn't, on a consistent basis, have to make plays, how does a guy-- how do I want to put this so all my five million Twitter followers will understand me?

How can I put it? They're watching. They're watching to make sure I get this right. Five million overnight. How does a guy playing with Steph Curry, the greatest shooter, playing with Klay Thompson, the third or fourth greatest shooter, how does he have no assists, Jenny? How is that possible, Skip Bayless? How do you play with those two guys? They pass the ball as well as anybody. They shoot the ball as well as anybody.

- Yep.

- How can Kevin Durant play 40 plus minutes and not have one assist? How is that possible? We're going to get to it a little later. But I don't know if you noticed, when Draymond turned that ball over, Kevin Durant was standing at the half court line and I want to know why. But that ain't none of my business right now.

- Decoy.

- No, go ahead. Hold on! How are you going to be a decoy when you're seven foot tall? I see you.

- I'll go one other--